How Much Does it Cost to Attend the 2024 Singapore Grand Prix?

Estimating the cost of F1 tickets, accommodation & spending money to attend the 2024 Singapore Grand Prix at Marina Bay Street Circuit

Singapore is one of F1’s most expensive destinations, according to our ranking of 2024 F1 ticket prices. The city is known for its high quality shopping, food and accommodation, and this comes at a price. But it is possible to do the weekend on a budget by staying in a hostel and buying a Walkabout ticket. Sadly, the largest and cheapest grandstand at the track (Bay Grandstand) is not part of the ticket offer since 2023, as the area where this permanent grandstand was located is undergoing redevelopment. At the higher end, the sky is the limit in terms of luxury/VIP options in Singapore, with amazing 5-star trackside hotels and increasingly expensive hospitality packages to lighten your wallet.



High End

Average costs are per person based on a stay of 3 nights with race tickets, accommodation and spending money. The prices do not include flights (or other travel costs) required to reach Singapore.

About our categories: Budget fans buy the cheapest race tickets (General Admission) and camp by the track or stay in a hostel. Mid-Range fans buy a grandstand ticket and stay in a 3-star hotel, whilst High-End fans buy a VIP or experience package and stay in a 4 or 5 star hotel.

Been to Marina Bay for the race? Leave a comment with your money-saving tips!

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55 thoughts on “How Much Does it Cost to Attend the 2024 Singapore Grand Prix?”

  1. Hanita Hussin

    I just want to buy a ticket for 1 or 2 days only for 1 adult n 2 children (11 & 7 yrs old). How much it will cost me to buy the tickets for 1 or 2 days and where can I buy the tickets.

    1. Hello Hanita. Children’s tickets are discounted by 50% only in a couple of the grandstands. Otherwise, you need to buy the full price ticket for your children. You can buy single day tickets for Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Cheaper on Friday and Saturday. If you don’t need a seat, the Walkabout tickets are quite affordable. You can buy here.

  2. Hey, I’m planning to attend the 21 Singapore gp in October. First time ever going to any race or any sporting event. Please suggest the ticket I can go for, any accommodation and preparing that you think we might need

    1. Hi Aditya. Firstly, I would say that tickets are not yet on sale and we may need to wait a month or two for confirmation that the event will actually take place this year. In that regard, please be careful about making any accommodation or flight bookings yet – if you do, make sure they are fully refundable. I don’t know your budget for tickets, but I recommend the “Premier Walkabout” tickets. You don’t get your own seat, but most important is that you get access to all the zones at the circuit. Zone 1 is the best, and there are plenty of good places to watch the action including small grandstands with unreserved seats. As for accommodation, it’s best to be in the centre. But if you cannot afford this, get a hotel that’s near an MRT station – that way it will be easy to get to the circuit. Let me know if you have more questions!

  3. Hi, is there an option to purchase a premium walk about ticket for the 3 days as well as a reserved seat grandstand ticket for the Sunday included, or would that have to be done separately

    1. Hi Megan, there’s no option like this. You could buy a Premier Walkabout for 3 days + Sunday ticket in a cheaper grandstand (if available, as most are 3 day tickets). This could work out a bit cheaper than buying a grandstand seat in Zone 1 for all three days (which gives you all the benefits of Premier Walkabout anyway). But I would still probably just get the grandstand seat in Zone 1. Of course we don’t yet know about what tickets will be available in 2021 and the prices.

    1. Hi Ananya, it’s very difficult to get into the Paddock itself, though some higher priced Paddock Club tickets do offer limited access. Otherwise, you can hang out near the entrance to the Paddock and meet the drivers as they enter and leave the circuit. You’ll need to have access to Zone 1 to get to this location. Here’s the map co-ordinates for that location! 1.2901447654388727, 103.862793898827

  4. Rayyan Ziqri Khan

    which area is best to sit at and is cheap. (Is it the first turn?)
    And is there any hospitality that has halal food?

    1. First of all, we don’t yet even know if the Singapore Grand Prix will be announced on the calendar next year. It doesn’t currently have a contract. As for best place to sit, depends on your budget. First turn grandstands are pretty expensive. Best ticket in my opinion are the Premier Walkabout, but you don’t get a reserved seat. And yes, I believe there’s lots of halal food available at the circuit.

  5. Muhammad Ariff bin Mansury

    Hi. If I’m not mistaken, there’s no big screen that shows the full race, right? Or it’s only at certain turns?

    1. Hi Charlotte, no information yet. If I had to guess, I would say that tickets will not go on sale until March or April. Hopefully the global situation with COVID will be looking a lot better by then!

    1. I’ve got a pricelist for the Singapore Grand Prix, will email it to you. I only see 3-day Paddock Club tickets for 6900 EUR, but there are cheaper hospitality options in Singapore.

  6. Hi Andrew,
    Your website has amazing information for us F1 fans! I’ve booked flights from Melb, AU, to Singapore today so would appreciate it if you could message me the pricing that you have as well. Will checkout your accommodation info next. Cheers :)

  7. Hi Andrew,

    Can you please email me the cost for the premier walk about, also is it better than the bay grand stand?

    1. My current understanding is that Premier Walkabout will not be offered in 2022 (probably due to COVID restrictions). And Premier Walkabout is in my opinion much better than the Bay Grandstand. It’s all about the access to different zones. And Zone 1 is the best – but the grandstands here are quite high priced.

  8. Hello friend, could you send me an email with the price of the tickets? We are thinking of buying in the SuperPit on the starting grid. Do you know when they will go on sale? Thank you very much friend!!

  9. Hello Andrew.
    I are going to a Formula 1 Grand Prix for the first time, we are very clear that we want tickets in zone one. The problem is that we have many doubts between taking seats in the SuperPit grandstand at the finish line or in the turn 1 or turn 2.
    What is your recommendation?


  10. Hi. So, both SG GP Instagram and in their FAQ section on the website say that they will sell walkabout ticket at later date. So, can you tell me the price range for Premier Walkabout from the previous years? From what i gather, it’s more than Bay Grandstand, and only slightly cheaper than Stamford Grandstand in zone 4, which doesn’t get access to zone 1. Is that correct?

    And is there a few free seating platform for Premier Walkabout, or there’s only one available? I think I’m going to go by myself so finding 1 seat shouldn’t be too hard? or am i being too optimistic here.

    Thanks a lot!

    1. I don’t know the Premier Walkabout prices for this year, but previously they cost $498 for 3 days. Yes, there are some free seating platforms and even grandstand seats in the Walkabout areas – the best ones are in Zone 1. (and yes, Stamford only has access to Zone 4)

  11. Hi .. I just want to check with you .I purchase already the ticket for F1 Spore 2022 .. I haven’t put the delivery address as I’m moving out the house by the time delivery . Is it possible I just pick up in Spore .as I travel often to Spore . Thank you for the help .much appreciate

  12. Hey,

    Do they sell tickets at the counter? is there a limitation on walkabout tickets? is it possible to buy Sunday Zone 4 Walkabout directly at the event?

    1. In the past it would have been possible to buy some tickets, like Sunday Zone 4 Walkabout, on the day. However, you need to understand that demand is very high this year – and also Singapore hasn’t been held since 2019. I think the race will be sold out soon. I would buy in advance if you can, otherwise you may miss out.

  13. Age restrictions for kids to attend ??

    I want only Sunday ..most of sites showing 3 days..

    Any recommended sites tickets ?

    1. PLease see the section about children below from the ticket terms and conditions. As for tickets, it’s hard to get Sunday only ones. We have some more affordable tickets in our Singapore ticket shop, but these are only 3-day tickets.

      SGPPL strongly advises that children under the age of seven (7) should not attend the Race for safety and operational reasons. Children below the age of seven (7) will only be admitted if the parent/guardian signs a Form of Release, Waiver and Discharge of Liability and Indemnity Agreement. This form can be obtained from the website https://www. or the ticketing assistance counters at the Circuit Park (Clause 6.2(a)). For the avoidance of doubt, all persons regardless of age must have a valid Ticket to enter the Circuit Park (Clause 6.1(a)

  14. Hey! I’m looking at hospitality tickets for next years race! I’m looking into the Lounge@ Turn3, Green room or maybe the Super Grandstand… Any recommendations?

    1. Hi Rei, pretty much all of the hospitality offerings in Singapore are recommended. We have covered them all in this post. The Paddock Club is the best, but very expensive of course. I’d personally choose the Green Room, as it’s located next to the first few corners and so offers very good views of the track.

  15. I spent 832 SGD for 7 days during SGP 2022. It includes 3-days bay grandstand ticket, hostel, food, MRT and bus, sim card, and klook tickets for 4 singapore attractions. Take note that I sometimes just eat brunch since I wake up late. Glad that I was able to maximize my stay in Singapore.

  16. Hello, Andrew :)

    Thank you so much for all your efforts! I will watch the Singapore GP next weekend but only for Saturday. I bought the Premier Walkabout. Do you have any tips on how to enjoy the FP3 and Qualifying to the fullest? Especially which viewing platform should I go to for those two track agenda :) and also tips for attending the drivers meet n greet? will it be extremely crowded..?

    Thanks a lot in advance! x

    1. Premier Walkabout has always been a good ticket to have, though the circuit has changed this year and new grandstands have been added. I like watching from the inside of Turns 1/2, also the outside of the final corner. Get there early for the drivers meet and greet on the Zone 1 Wharf Stage, though it’s early in the day and not traditionally a lot of people there. You can also try to meet the drivers at the Paddock entrance, behind the pits and close to the Singapore Flyer. By the way, free rides on the Singapore Flyer as well, it’s great to go up while the cars are on the track – though there can be queues later in the day.

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