When Will 2024 British Grand Prix Tickets Go On Sale?

When will 2024 British Grand Prix tickets go on sale?

Silverstone has announced the dates on which 2024 British Grand Prix tickets will be available and have provided a full price list for the race weekend. Full details below.

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2024 British Grand Prix tickets will be available in just a few days. After last year’s ticket sale was plagued with issues, changes have been made to the on sale process for 2024 which should make it easier for Formula 1 fans to secure tickets. In 2023, a record 480,000 fans attended the British Grand Prix weekend. Demand for tickets in 2024 is likely to be just as high.

Like in 2023, Silverstone will not be co-operating with third party sellers for the 2024 British Grand Prix, meaning that the official circuit website will be the only place to buy legitimate grandstand and general admission tickets. Hospitality packages are available via third party sites, however.

Below, you can find details about the on sale dates for different categories of 2024 British Grand Prix tickets as well as a full price list.

Priority Access for Silverstone Racing Club Members

2024 British Grand Prix tickets will be available first to members of the Silverstone Racing Club. Membership of the Silverstone Racing Club is priced at £149 in 2024, a £50 increase on last year’s price. As well as priority access to 2024 British Grand Prix tickets, membership also grants you access to club events plus other perks. It’s worth bearing in mind that 2024 British Grand Prix tickets are highly unlikely to sell out during this priority access window.

For Silverstone Racing Club members, camping and glamping tickets are already on sale. The priority access for 2024 British Grand Prix tickets begins on Monday September 18 at 10am.

When will 2024 British Grand Prix tickets go on sale?

Camping and glamping tickets for the 2024 British Grand Prix will be on sale to non-members from Thursday September 14 at 11am. Official camping bookers will then have the opportunity to partake in a priority Grand Prix ticket sale on Wednesday September 20 at 11am.

This year, Silverstone are releasing British Grand Prix tickets in stages for the general public. The more expensive and sought-after grandstands – namely Hamilton Straight A and Abbey B – plus General Admission Plus and enclosure tickets will be available to the general public from 11am on Thursday September 21.

The remaining grandstands will go on sale at 11am on Friday September 22, with General Admission tickets on sale from 11am on Monday September 25.

To summarise, here are all of the on sale dates for the 2024 British Grand Prix:

  • Tuesday September 12, 10am: Silverstone Racing Club members camping & glamping sale
  • Thursday September 14, 11am: Official camping and glamping on sale
  • Monday September 18, 10am: Silverstone Racing Club members priority F1 ticket sale
  • Wednesday September 20, 11am: Official camping bookers F1 priority ticket sale
  • Thursday September 21, 11am: Enclosures, GA Plus, Hamilton Straight A & Abbey B tickets on sale
  • Friday September 22, 11am: Grandstand tickets released
  • Monday September 25, 11am: General Admission tickets released

How much will 2024 British Grand Prix tickets cost?

Last year, Silverstone deployed a dynamic pricing model, which – coupled with unexpectedly high demand – caused ticket prices to skyrocket within hours. For example, General Admission access went on sale at £219, before prices worked their way up to £349 as a result of demand. Race organisers have said that the pricing model will be less aggressive this year, with Silverstone’s Managing Director Stuart Pringle saying that the circuit “learned a lot of lessons and we can’t have a repeat of [2023].”

The British Grand Prix is one of the more expensive races to attend on the Formula 1 calendar. The average price of 3-day tickets in 2023 was the sixth most expensive of the planned 23 races this year. A packed support schedule and nightly big-name concerts go some way to justifying the hefty prices.

4-day tickets are a new option for 2024, granting access to the Official Launch Party on Thursday night. For almost all ticket categories (except the Village Enclosure), 4-day tickets are £100 more expensive than their 3-day counterparts.

Another new option for 2024 is single day roving grandstand access on Friday and Saturday. Most 4-day and 3-day grandstand tickets also include roving grandstand access on Friday and Saturday. Check the full details on the Silverstone website to ensure your ticket will include roving grandstand access. Roving Grandstand access is not available for Sunday and is not available on any day to those with General Admission tickets.

Interested in learning more about the best grandstands and viewing areas at the British Grand Prix? Take a read of our detailed guide to Silverstone’s grandstands.

A full price list for 2024 British Grand Prix tickets can be found below. Bear in mind that these are the prices at which tickets will go on sale. Dynamic pricing will likely see these prices increase in line with demand for tickets.

General Admission Tickets
General Admission£339£239£99£129£199
GA Plus Abbey£449£349
GA Plus Copse A£449£349
GA Plus Copse C£449£349
GA Plus Luffield Complex£449£349
GA Plus Luffield Terrace£449£349
GA Plus Stowe£449£349
Grandstand Tickets
Roving Grandstand£149£199
Abbey B£639£539
Hamilton Straight A£709£609
Abbey A£589£489£439
Club Corner A£529£429£379
Club Corner B£529£429£379
Club Corner C£609£509£459
Copse A£469£369£319
Copse B£469£369£319
Copse C£469£369£319
Copse D£469£369£319
Farm Curve£459£359£309
Hamilton Straight B£589£489
Luffield Corner£529£429£379
National Pits Straight£469£369£319
Stirling A£469£369£319
Stirling B£529£429£379
Stowe A£469£369£319
Stowe B£469£369£319
Stowe C£469£369£319
The View£529£429£379
Village A£529£429£379
Village B£529£429£379
Woodcote A£529£429£379
Woodcote B£529£429£379
Woodcote C£529£429£379
Enclosure Tickets
Club Silverstone£789£689
Hangar Enclosure£789£689
International Paddock Enclosure£949£849
International Paddock Enclosure (Lakeside Seats)£949£849
Mahiki T1 Enclosure£789£689
Village Enclosure£689£689£239£389£489
Wellington Enclosure£949£849£319£469£569
Mahiki VIP Enclosure£1,299£1,199

Secure 2024 British Grand Prix Hospitality Access Now

You can already secure access to the 2024 British Grand Prix with a number of hospitality packages via our trusted ticket partner Grand Prix Tickets (GPT). Further details about hospitality packages at Silverstone can be found here.

All-inclusive hospitality tickets are also already available via F1 Experiences, Formula 1’s official ticket package partner. These packages include guided tours of the Formula 1 paddock, track tours and exclusive appearances by Formula 1 personalities.

Got a question about attending the 2024 British Grand Prix? Find the answer in our extensive Silverstone travel guide, or leave a comment below!

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