Where to Stay for the 2024 Miami Grand Prix

From affordable hostels to 5-star beachfront hotels, here are the best places to stay for the 2024 Miami Grand Prix at the Hard Rock Stadium on May 3-5

  • The 2024 Miami Grand Prix is scheduled for May 3-5.
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  • The Editor attended the 2022 Miami Grand Prix and stayed at The Dalmar in Fort Lauderdale.
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Unsurprisingly, the best hotel rooms in Miami are in high demand for Miami Grand Prix weekend. But as one of the USA’s premier tourist destinations, there’s a large supply of accommodation to choose from to suit all budgets, so it’s never too late to secure you room. Be warned however, it’s not only the race tickets that are expensive for the Miami Grand Prix – hotels have also adopted an ‘F1 surcharge’ and rooms are very expensive for race weekend. Keep reading to learn about the best parts of the city to stay for the Miami Grand Prix at the Hard Rock Stadium.

Where to stay for the 2024 Miami Grand Prix?

Here’s a quick summary of the best places we recommend to stay in Miami and nearby to stay for the 2024 Miami Grand Prix:

  • Miami Beach (South Beach): Iconic area with beautiful beaches, restaurants and nightlife, but at least 1 hour commute from the Hard Rock Stadium.
  • Downtown: The oldest part of Miami puts you in the heart of the action for culture, nightlife, tourist attractions and shopping, but is about 1 hour away from the circuit.
  • Aventura: Lively area next to the beach and only about 30 minutes drive from Hard Rock Stadium.
  • Little Havana: Affordable accommodation and colorful street life, but at least an hour from the circuit.
  • Fort Lauderdale: This coastal city is about 30 miles north of Miami, but offers quick access to the circuit in under 30 minutes.

Miami Beach

If nightlife and easy access to white sandy beaches are important to you, then Miami Beach is the place to stay. About one mile wide and nine miles long, Miami Beach is connected to the mainland by a series of bridges. The most luxurious resort and boutique hotels (together with upscale eateries) can be found in Mid Beach, including:

Rooms at the Fontainebleau and Grand Beach Hotel can also be booked with F1 Experiences Ticket Packages – circuit transfers are also available.

The more touristy southern end of Miami Beach (South Beach) is home to a stretch of iconic art-deco buildings (many of which are boutique hotels) and is also where you’ll find the city’s best nightlife. Recommended luxury hotels in South Beach include the 1 Hotel South Beach and the Ritz-Carlton South Beach. At the more affordable end of the scale, there’s plenty of boutique hotels located in beautiful art-deco buildings, such as Nautilus South Beach and the Avalon Hotel.

If you cannot afford high-end accommodation but still want to be near the beach, Miami’s North Beach has plenty of good quality accommodation to suit all budgets, and is much quieter than South Beach.

Downtown / Brickell

Many of Miami’s best 5-star chain hotels can be found amongst the city’s impressive skyline in the downtown business district. Staying in the oldest part of the city also puts you within easy reach of Miami’s best cultural attractions, high-end nightlife and shopping, as well as Bayfront Park. The Metromover monorail service is also a great way to get around in downtown Miami. Recommended high-end chain hotels in downtown Miami include:

Other areas close to downtown worth considering as your base for the Miami Grand Prix:

  • Brickell: On the southern edge of downtown, Brickell is home to restaurants, rooftop bars and shopping malls, as well as many mid to high-end hotels.
  • Coconut Grove: One of the oldest parts of Miami, Coconut Grove to the south of downtown is best for those who want to relax and take it easy after a day at the track. Full of parks and historic buildings, the accommodation here is mostly on the expensive side.
  • Wynwood: Less than 3 miles north of downtown, Wynwood is Miami’s arts and hipster hub. Close to many museums, cultural institutions and upmarket shopping in the Miami Design District, Wynwood has several new high-quality hotels.


With limited accommodation in the Miami Gardens area of the city where the Hard Rock Stadium is located, staying in the beachside district of Aventura – about 7 miles to the east – is best for those who want to be close to the track, but also have easy access to Golden Beach, the Aventura shopping mall and Gulfstream Park Racing and Casino. . Recommended mid-range hotels in Aventura include:

Little Havana

Home to a large immigrant population from Cuba that have made Miami their home since the 1950s, Little Havana offers some of the most affordable accommodation in the city, including many lively hostels, as well as colourful street life, authentic Latin American culture. Little Havana is quite compact, meaning you should be able to go most local attractions, including the many restaurants and funky bars, on foot.

Fort Lauderdale

With a more relaxed vibe than Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale is a good base for the Miami Grand Prix. Due to its location north of the Hard Rock Stadium, traffic on race weekend is much less of an issue (as most fans are arriving and leaving the circuit from the south). It should take around 30 minutes to drive to and from the circuit. Recommended hotels include:

Where NOT to stay for the Miami Grand Prix

Despite being one of the largest and most visited cities in the USA, Miami does have significant issues with gangs, gun violence, drugs and crime. Most areas of the city are perfectly safe (provided you take the same precautions you would travelling to any large city), though you should avoid staying in Little Haiti and the downtown neighbourhoods of Overtown and Liberty City.

Been to Miami? Leave a comment with your recommended places to stay!

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