How Much Does it Cost to Attend the 2025 Canadian Grand Prix?

Plan the cost of your trip to the 2025 Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal. Estimated prices for F1 tickets, accommodation & spending money

  • The 2025 Canadian Grand Prix is scheduled from June 13-15
  • Tickets are not yet on sale. Prices below will be updated
  • F1 Experiences Ticket Packages are now on sale for 2025.
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Canada offers competitive value for F1 fans, particularly those coming from the North East of the USA, who can travel cheaply and easily to the race in Montreal. The Canadian dollar has also been reasonably weak against major international currencies in recent years (especially the USD), making the trip even better value for international fans. Tickets are reasonably priced in comparison to other current F1 events and Montreal is surprisingly good value for a large city, despite inflated accommodation prices on Grand Prix weekend. Learn more in our ranking of 2024 Formula 1 ticket prices.



High End

  • Average costs are per person based on a stay of 3 nights in central Montreal with race tickets, accommodation and spending money. The prices do not include flights (or other travel costs) required to reach Montreal.
  • About our categories: Budget fans buy the cheapest race tickets (General Admission) and camp by the track or stay in a hostel. Mid-Range fans buy a grandstand ticket and stay in a 3-star hotel, whilst High-End fans buy a trackside hospitality package and stay in a 4 or 5 star hotel.

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22 thoughts on “How Much Does it Cost to Attend the 2025 Canadian Grand Prix?”

    1. Sorry for the slow reply Dennis. I don’t believe there is motorcycle parking on the island, but you may call the casino and ask. Otherwise, better to take the metro.

  1. Are we able to just buy the race day ticket? Not the full 3 day weekend? I live in Toronto and I’m thinking of just flying in for the actual race.

  2. I’m looking to drive up to Montreal from Boston with my wife and 1.5yo daughter to attend the 2022 Canada GP. Do you know at what age a child pays for a ticket? Also, I’ve attended the COTA GP in 2017 and it was a nightmare to leave the track and get back to Austin. The whole event was disorganized so I’m wondering how the Canada GP is handled and if it’s not too complicated to leave the track post race. Thanks.

    1. Hi Jose, I was at the last race in Canada (2019) and it was excellent, highly recommended. Very good organization and the locals are so friendly. The city also comes alive on race weekend with lots of street parties and special events. Best way to get to and from the track is to take the Metro. As long as you are not in a hurry to leave the circuit after the race, it was easy to get out and take the Metro. (I suggest leaving your car at the hotel and using public transport while you are there). When it comes to tickets, we are now sold out in our ticket shop – as are all the grandstand tickets from the promoter ( You can still buy General Admission tickets from the site for $180 CAD each – in that case, children aged 11 and under are free when accompanied by an adult (but you have to reserve the free child ticket when ordering yours). If you want grandstand seats, then I recommend packages from F1 Experiences – e.g. the Starter ticket page is $999 USD and also includes some cool trackside activities. Finally, F1 Experiences also offers Ticket + Hotel Packages for Canada with a choice of grandstands – with these packages, you also need to book your hotel and circuit transfers. Hope that helps!

  3. Just wondering about the CGV areas in regards to how that works with my F1 Experiences Package. Is that an adder you pay for at the track, or is it something I wouldn’t be able to access? Or is there something already in my package that is equivalent? I just found out that I was going (Thanks to my wife Kristen and my best friend Dave!!) at my birthday party last week, and aside from final payment confirmation, we really haven’t received much info. Can’t wait to see my first F1 race. Hopefully by that time, Fernando and Alpine will have hooked everything up and be leading the championship. ☺

    1. Hi Sean, CGV access is not included with F1 Experiences packages, but it seems you can buy it separately from the circuit – link here. Which package do you have? I work for F1 Experiences too, so I’d be happy to fill you in on the details!

  4. those prices are nowhere near accurate for the 2023 race. Grandstand tickets were approx $550 and an average hotel room will cost between $500-$900/night.

    1. They are in fact pretty accurate, though I’ve taken your advice to update the mid-range grandstand ticket to the $555 price bracket. Prices for hotel are per person, so in line with what you said, but I have increased the cost per night for the high-end fan. Appreciate the feedback

  5. Hey Andrew, I’m considering coming up for the CGP this June. If I bought General Admission tickets are there enough places around the circuit to get some views? I’m coming late to the game here so wondering if GA is worth it? The cost for seats (via 3rd party sites) are too high for me, but there seems to be GA available around $300US for the 3 day pass. Thanks!

    1. Hi John, the 2023 Canadian GP has been pretty much a sell out for several months now. I think $300 CAD for resale GA tickets is a good deal, provided they are legitimate and you are protected in case of any problems. Most people agree that GA at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is not that great, because the areas available are quite small and you have to compete with lots of other fans for the good vantage points. As always, you can use Friday to check out some different corners and decide which you like the most. Then make a beeline for there on Saturday and Sunday, and try to reserve your spot early. Honestly, even if you cannot get great viewing spots, it’s still worth attending this race. The atmosphere is great and the city is awesome, the race is also well organized.

  6. For the grandstand seats, are they really strict with assigned seating? Based on pics I’ve seen, it’s just metal bleacher benches. Just found out a friend is coming to GP and is seated in the same grandstand as me, just a few rows away, and we were hoping to just sit together once we got in.

    1. I think it’s really only important that you are in your assigned seat for qualifying and the race, when the grandstand is most likely to be full. With less fans on Friday, you probably are able to easily move to another section and sit with your friend.

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