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How to get to the Red Bull Ring for the 2019 Austrian Grand Prix on June 28-30, including information on flights, trains and driving.

All images © The Editor went to the 2015 Austrian Grand Prix. Don’t forget to download the “Projekt Spielberg” app for more information on getting to the circuit, including the ability to calculate driving routes.

The Red Bull Ring is located in a rural area, so it’s not as easy to get to the track as some other races. The good news is that Austria is a small country with a good transport network. Your best bet is to fly into Vienna airport and hire a car. The circuit can be reached via motorway from Vienna in just over 2 hours (200km). If you are not camping at the track, the most convenient way to get to the circuit (from Graz, or wherever you decide to stay)  is by car, though there are decent train and bus services to the circuit on Grand Prix weekend.

The closest airport is in Graz, around 85km from the Red Bull Ring. Flughafen Graz (GRZ)  is a small airport however, with a limited number of connections to larger airports in the region (Vienna, Berlin, Munich, Stuttgart, Dusseldorf, Zurich etc). Klagenfurt Airport (KLU). approximately 100km from the circuit, is also worth considering for discount carrier flights to Hamburg, Cologne and Berlin (with Eurowings). The best choice however, is Vienna International Airport (VIE), 200km from the circuit, which offers a wide range of short, medium and long haul flights. We’ve chosen some of the best current deals below.

  • Dubai (DXB) to Vienna (VIE): flights via Frankfurt with Lufthansa from €450
  • New York (JFK) to Vienna (VIE): flights via Dublin with Aer Lingus from $1200 USD
  • Singapore to Vienna (VIE): flights via Doha with Qatar Airways from $780 USD
  • Sydney to Vienna (VIE): flights via Seoul with Korean Air from $1870 AUD


  • The closest train station to the Red Bull Ring is at Knittelfeld, which is connected to most major cities in Austria; there are shuttle buses from the train station to the circuit on the race weekend. The trip from Vienna to Knittelfeld takes around 3 hours. Get timetable information and book train tickets on the Austrian train operator ÖBB website. The earlier you book, the cheaper it will be!
  • The hourly train service from Graz to Knittelfeld takes around 80 minutes with one change along the way in Bruck.
  • Direct train or coach connections exist between nearby Graz and cities such as Salzburg, Linz, Innsbruck, Klagenfurt, Munich, Stuttgart and Frankfurt. Click here for more information on getting to Graz via different means of transport.
  • Eventbus operates services to the Red Bull Ring on Grand Prix weekend from all over Austria. Postbus also operates regional services to the circuit. More details are normally available closer to the race.


  • Choose a hire car with our partners Rentalconnect.
  • It’s easy to drive to the Red Bull Ring, which benefits from an excellent location in the middle of Europe. The circuit is approximately 2 hours drive from Vienna, 3 hours from Udine in Italy and 4 ½ hours from Munich in Germany. There’s a good network of motorways and you only need to pay tolls on some sections. Just don’t forget to buy and display a vignette on your windscreen. Ten-day vignettes cost under €10 and can be bought at service stations.
  • Good signage on the motorways will point you in the direction of the Red Bull Ring (which is located next to the S36 motorway), but it’s still worth using a GPS or Googlemaps to be sure. If you are staying in Graz, the trip to the circuit should take under 1 hour. Traffic was not really an issue when we went in 2015, even on race day. There are plenty of FREE parking spaces next to the circuit, check the map. Click here for more information on driving to the circuit.

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  1. James king says:

    Wondering if you can help I’m interested in going to Austrian gp can help with best way of going about it on a budget

    • Editor says:

      Sure James, where are you travelling from? Best way to save money will be to camp trackside. Check here for more information. That will at least save you on paying to travel to/from the circuit each day, and will of course be cheaper than staying in a hotel in Graz.

      • James King says:

        I got hotel booked in Graz so I will be traveling to knittefild by train is it best to book the train tickets before I go with reservations or get the cheaper ticket for the week without reservations the other comments you have made have been very helpful

  2. Stefan says:

    Looking for a bit of assistance regarding the trains. Using the OBB website, it’s suggesting I will have to pay €35 per adult each way, well over treble the cost you found in your article. Where can I find the fare you quoted in your article?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Stefan, are you talking about trains from Graz? In general, the prices are cheaper the earlier you book. I just did a search on the OBB website and found all prices at 20 EUR each way. At that price, if two or more travelling together, I would considering hiring a car for the weekend. The driving is easy and the parking is free at the track.

  3. aryan sanghrajka says:

    Hi, I have booked a train to knittlefield station. I wanted to know about the shuttle service to the track

    • Editor says:

      Hi Aryan, I don’t have any specific information. Don’t worry, the Austrian GP is very well organized and the number of spectators are quite low. So there shouldn’t be a long wait for the shuttle to the track. Keep your train ticket in case you need to show it to get on the shuttle.

  4. Detlef Hoffmann says:

    Your site has been very useful. I will be renting a car from Vienna. You mentioned that I need a vignette(?) costing 10 euro. I am not familiar with this? Is this a permit to park at public venues? And what do I ask for at these service stations to get one? Is parking at the RBRing free? Thank you.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Detlef, the vignette is for driving on the motorway. It’s kind of like a toll to use the road, and every car needs one attached to the windscreen. All the service station have them, just ask for a vignette. And yes, parking is free at the Red Bull Ring! More information and a parking map is in our trackside guide.

  5. Damien Keegan says:

    Train price from Vienna is wildly out. Wife and I have arrived today having spent several hours trying to decipher the OBB website. €146 return for 2 to Knittelfeld. Book early if you can work it out. Good luck… Forget “eventbus” sold out months ago and the “postbus” site may as well not exist as all it does is take you back to the train site!! Infuriating barely covers it.

    • Editor says:

      Sorry to hear that Damien. Of course it’s much cheaper to book train tickets in advance, but I had no idea it was such a big difference. Will update the site. Good luck for the rest of the weekend

  6. Leon says:

    Hi Andrew, question: we have bought tickets for the Austrian GP 2018. Do you know if you can leave the circuit without delay after the race so we can fly nack on sundaynight. In Belgium it takes you sometimes 4h to leave by car. Kind regards, Leon

    • Editor says:

      Hey Leon, when I went in 2015 it was super easy to leave the circuit at the end of the race, but we did park in one of the parking areas on the opposite side of the motorway from the circuit. The motorway is the key to a quick exit; it’s really close to the parking areas, so you can escape pretty easy. And don’t forget that the number of spectators at the Austrian GP hasn’t been too high in recent years. Having said that I wouldn’t book a flight to leave before around 10pm on Sunday night, otherwise you will be stressing the whole day about missing your flight!

  7. colin says:

    Hi, is it possible to get from Vienna to the race and back to Vienna on race day using either train,bus or any other public transport.

  8. Debbie Wheawall says:

    Hi we are attending the 2018 Austrian GP and we have booked a train from Knittlefeld for 7.15pm to Saltzburg. Do we have sufficient time to get there after the race ends and podium celebrations have finished.

  9. Thomas says:

    Hi, you write that traffic is not a problem, do you think we have enough time, if we plan on arraiving at the ring sunday around 10 oclock.
    BR thomas

  10. Chris Buffin says:

    Good evening. We’ve finally had our tickets delivered, confirmation of hotel and flight plans – no stress involved thankfully. I’m now after best information on travel between Graz and the red bull arena. We won’t be driving so will be relying on public transport. Have you any good advice? We arrive early Thursday morning and leave late Monday evening. Any suggestions you may have will be greatly welcomed. Thank you

    • Editor says:

      Hi Chris, quickest way to get from Graz to the circuit is by car. If you don’t want to get a hire car, a taxi could be a good solution if you can get four people to share the cost. Otherwise it is the train. Details on this page, sorry I don’t have experience of taking the train. But it will definitely be cheaper to buy your tickets in advance.

    • Agustin says:

      Hi! I am a student in Graz and want to go to the Red Bull Ring to watch F1. We are two friends planning to go, and we want to rent a car so as we can go and come back on saturday and sunday (not sure if we are going on friday). If you are interested we can meet and rent a car, that would be cheaper. How many are you? Are you lnterested?

    • Michael Lawrence says:


      What did you decide on doing?

  11. Jim Baird says:

    Hi Andrew,

    I’ll be in Vienna on the GP weekend and wondered if there are any organised tours from Vienna to the track and back on raceday?

  12. Faisal says:

    How early should one reach before the race, to smoothly use the shuttle service from Knittelfeld to the circuit?

    I read the shuttle service is free, is that true?

    • Editor says:

      Yes, the shuttle from the train station to the circuit is free. Up to you what time you arrive, but I would suggest before 10am

  13. Michael Lawrence says:


    Do I need to book the train from Graz to Knittlefeld in advance or will I be ok doing it on the day?



  14. Ricardo Castro says:

    How long from the train station to the Red Bull ring. in the shIn
    In the shuttle.

  15. vera says:

    Hey there, maybe you can help me? I have a weekend ticket. Do you think I can take any seat I want – especially on Thursday/ Friday? Or is it strictly numbered? Thank you!

  16. Albert Zuniga says:

    Eventbus tickets from Vienna (Erdberg) to Red Bull Ring are sold out on the website. Can you get tickets at the station? Where’s the next nearest station from Vienna to try and buy Eventbus tickets?

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