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The German Grand Prix is back on the Formula 1 calendar for 2018! Start planning your trip to the Hockenheimring circuit in the beautiful Upper Rhine valley for the race on July 20-22.

The 2018 German Grand Prix will be staged at the historic Hockenheimring circuit, which takes its name from the nearby town of Hockenheim (population 21,000). The circuit is located in the Baden-Württemberg state, part of the Upper Rhine valley region that straddles Germany, France and Switzerland. Nearby cities include Mannheim (20km), Heidelberg (25km), Frankfurt (100km) and Stuttgart (130km).

German visas

Germany is part of the Schengen Area, which offers borderless travel between 26 European states. The good news is that citizens of over 60 countries do NOT require a visa to enter the Schengen Area for up to 90 days; exempt countries include Australia, Canada, USA, New Zealand, Japan & Malaysia. Click here for a list of the countries whose citizens are required to get a Schengen visa and to find out more about how to apply.


As always, make sure you have adequate travel insurance in place for your trip, including a provision for emergency medical treatment. Should you fall ill, the quality of healthcare in Germany is very high. Ask your hotel to help organize a doctor’s visit or visit the nearest pharmacy (Apotheke). Even the smallest towns will have a 24 hour pharmacy and English is widely spoken.


English is widely spoken in Germany, especially in larger cities and among young people. You may encounter some difficulties in Hockenheim or small towns nearby; learning a few German phrases and having a smartphone translation app at the ready will help and could also make you some new friends! Click here for some useful German phrases.


Germany is a very safe country for tourists, with very low rates of violent crime. Petty thefts and pick pocketing do occur however, especially in larger cities. Keep a close eye on your belongings in crowded situations, such as on public transport or at the track. Be careful with your alcohol consumption at the track, and steer clear of drunken fans looking to pick a fight!


The German Grand Prix is held at the height of the European summer. You can reasonably expect warm, sunny weather at the Hockenheimring. The average daily temperature range for July in Hockenheim is a maximum of 25°C (77 °F) and a minimum of 15°C (59°F). Rainfall is not uncommon however, so pack a poncho or light rain jacket in addition to your hat and sunscreen.

German travel: need to know

  • Germany uses the EURO currency. Credit cards are widely accepted and ATMs are easy to find.
  • Germany operates on Central European Time (CET), which equates to GMT +1 hour.
  • The number to dial in case of an emergency in Germany is 112.
  • Want to learn more? Check out or Lonely Planet

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