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Your guide to buying tickets and the best places to watch the action at the Hockenheimring for the 2019 German Grand Prix on July 26-28.

The German Grand Prix made a triumphant return to the F1 calendar last year with excellent attendance on race day, and has now been confirmed to remain on the calendar in 2019, largely thanks to Mercedes Benz, which is headquartered in nearby Stuttgart, becoming title sponsor. The long forest section may be gone, but the spectating opportunities in the purpose-built Hockenheimring stadium are now much better and the race is well organized. Just five main grandstands are on sale at the Hockenheimring, but there are seven ticket categories; in general, the higher up in the grandstand you are, the more you will pay.

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2019 German Grand Prix Ticket Prices

3-day tickets / All prices in EUR / Prices in brackets = (Sold Out)
Grandstand - CategoryZoneRegular price
Main (Haupt) - Category 2A-B-C-D-E€409
South High (Süd Oberrang) - Category 1N/A€519
South (Süd) - Category 2C-D€409
South (Süd) - Category 3A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H€359
South (Süd) - Category 4A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H€289
South (Süd) - Category 5A-B-E-F-G-H€239
North (Nord) - Category 3A-B-C€359
North (Nord) - Category 4A-B-C€289
North (Nord) - Category 5A-B-C€239
Mercedes - Category 3N/A€359
Mercedes - CategoryN/A€289
Inner (Innen) - Category 5A-B-C€239
Inner (Innen) - Category 6A-B-C(€189)
General AdmissionN/A(€139)
German Grand Prix tickets: need to know
  • Sunday-only tickets are available, but prices are only €20 cheaper than 3-day tickets.
  • Children aged up to 6 years old get free entry to the circuit, but cannot occupy a seat. Discounted grandstand tickets are available for children aged 7-15, costing €45 for Sunday and €50 for the whole weekend.
  • The following grandstands are covered: Main, South High, South A-B-E-F-G-H (Cat 3) , South C-D (Cat 2) , Mercedes, North A-B-C (Cat 3) , Inner C (Cat 5)
  • Hockenheimring offers Free Friday, with free seating in the grandstands on Friday, July 26. There are some restrictions however. You’ll need an equivalent ticket to enter one of the following higher-priced grandstands: Main Grandstand, South C/D and High, Mercedes upper deck.


The Main grandstand (Haupttribüne) is located on the start-finish straight. If you are keen to see what is happening in the pits, plus the race buildup, start and podium celebrations after the race, then these are the best seats. Choose a different grandstand if you want to see on-track action.


The Mercedes grandstand is located between turns 8-10, but you’ll be able to see the cars from as early as turn 5 (Parabolika). You should be able to see some good passing moves here during the race, especially on the hairpin (turn 6) and into turn 8. On the downside, the Mercedes grandstand is further from the best off-track action in the F1 Village.

Explore the Hockenheimring

Although most spectators at the Hockenheimring sit in the stadium grandstands, there are several standing areas around the circuit worth checking out, especially near the Parabolika and Spitzkehre hairpin (turns 5-7). If you are feeling really adventurous, you could also take a walk to discover the old circuit, last used in 2002, which is slowly being consumed by the forest. Click here for views of all grandstands and viewing areas at the Hockenheimring.


The most expensive tickets at the Hockenheimring are sold for the Südtribüne Oberrang, the highest Yellow section of the South grandstand on the final corner. The elevated views from this corner are excellent; depending on exactly where you sit, you should have a good view of the final corners from Mobil 1 kurve (turn 12) through to the Sudkurve (turn 17) and down the main straight. Lower down in this grandstand, the C-D sections offer better views than A-B, whilst the H is great for the race build up, start and podium celebrations after the race.


The best sections of the North grandstand (Nordtribüne) are the higher Blue B & C sections closest to the opening corner, which provide an excellent view for the race start; remember Felipe Massa rolling here in 2014? The A section is better for the pits action and race build up.

“The best grandstands in my opinion are the Nordtribüne B and C and the Innentribüne B and C. The Nordtribüne B and C are on the first corner; you can see the start, plus all of the pitlane. The Innentribüne B and C are on the Sachs curve in the middle of the circuit.” Svenja Reber: 2016 German GP trip report.


The Inner grandstand (Innentribüne) is located on the Sachs curve (turn 13) and offers views of the last few corners of the circuit, but not the start-finish straight. The lowest section in this grandstand is the main General Admission area at the circuit.

Been to the Hockenheimring? Leave a comment with your recommendations!

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Tickets – 2019 German Grand Prix

Your guide to buying tickets and the best places to watch the action at the Hockenheimring for the 2019 German Grand Prix on July 26-28.

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  1. Patrick turley says:

    Hi what tickets do I need to buy at the hockenhiem ring for the German F1 if I want standing near the Parabolika and Spitzkehre hairpin (turns 5-7).
    Will I need to
    Buy a seated ticket which also allows access to those areas?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Patrick, good question. I think you need to ring the Hockenheimring ticket office – the cheapest General Admission tickets cost 139 EUR and are only available by calling +49 6205 950-222. Someone should speak English I guess. Good luck

  2. Mihail Petkov says:

    Hi Andrew,

    What are these General Admission tickets? Do you get any dedicated seats with these and if yes where?


  3. Adam Smith says:

    Hi, I,m getting confused whether to buy a North-stand middle row or mercedes lower stand. I want to see some action (I know turn 8 and 6 are good for overtaking how is turn 1?) and want to be able to watch the big screen as well

  4. George says:

    What does General admission ticket actually get you, will you see any of the race?

    • Editor says:

      Yes, I believe General Admission is the green Category 7 section of the Inner Tribune. However, it’s already sold out for 2019 – sorry. One thing to note is that the spectator zones at the Hockenheimring are actually open to the public. You can go and check out the Fan Zone and even possibly get a view of the track without any ticket. You only have to show your ticket when you go into one of the grandstands. I don’t know of any circuit like this on the F1 calendar :)

      • Matt says:

        That’s awesome! So anyone can enter the track but not the grandstands for free? Is it deifficult to see the track without a ticket?

        • Editor says:

          Matt, this was my experience last year, but I didn’t wander too far around. I think it could be difficult to see too much of the track without a ticket, but worth a try.

  5. Ben says:

    Hi, please do you know if there are radio headsets available at the track that can receive English commentary? Many thanks, Ben

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