F1 Paddock Club Hospitality Packages Now on Sale for 2024

Access to premium hospitality in the Formula 1 Paddock Club is now available at selected races on the 2024 F1 calendar, with prices starting from $5,000 for 3-day tickets.

What is the Formula 1 Paddock Club?

The Paddock Club is Formula 1’s premier hospitality product, offering premium hospitality, up-close circuit views and exciting trackside activities. At most circuits on the 2024 Formula 1 calendar, the Paddock Club is located directly above the pits, putting you at the heart of the action across the race weekend. Popular with both high net worth individuals and corporate sponsors of Formula 1, the Paddock Club is the place to see and be seen at race weekends.

What’s Included with Paddock Club Packages?

Access to the Paddock Club hospitality suite includes gourmet cuisine and free-flow beverages, normally with your own assigned seat at a table. The Paddock Club is divided into separate suites for F1 teams, major sponsors and F1 Experiences guests. You can normally view the track from a balcony directly above the pitlane, with additional views of the start-finish straight and starting grid. At most races, nearby grandstand seats are also reserved for Paddock Club guests. You’ll also be able to enter the Paddock Club Lounge, a common area for all Paddock Club guests, where you can order a drink, eat from pop-up food stations, watch live music, drive a few laps in an F1 simulator and see guest appearances from current and legendary F1 drivers. 

Interested in supporting your team in the Paddock Club? Access to F1 team hospitality suites in the Paddock Club are available with F1 Experiences. As well as premium hospitality, access normally includes a garage tour, driver and team personnel appearances and team merchandise.

Paddock Club guests are able to participate in daily pit lane walks, as well as other activities available on a first come first serve basis such as guided tours of the track and ‘photo safaris’. It’s also possible to secure premium parking spaces close to the Paddock Club, sometimes with complimentary shuttle transfers straight to the main entrance of the suite.

Does Access to the Paddock Club Cost the Same at All Races?

No, it doesn’t. There’s quite a large variation in prices across the calendar, with 3-day access starting at $5,000 USD in Azerbaijan and increasing to as much as $14,000 USD in Miami. Weekend tickets normally cost between $6000-8000 USD, though you’ll pay more at the North American races, as well as in Singapore and Abu Dhabi.

This doesn’t mean that the experience is worse in Azerbaijan than it is in Miami; the price difference is related to supply and demand. In fact, the guest experience in the Paddock Club is uniformly high across all races, with Austrian catering company Do&Co responsible for both staffing and cuisine at the majority of races on the current calendar. 

Which Circuit Has the Best Paddock Club Suite?

Whilst the standard of hospitality is uniformly high in the Paddock Club across the calendar, the actual buildings where the suite is located are very different. At most circuits, the Paddock Club is located within a permanent building which also houses the pits below, and will feature high-end finishes, air-conditioning and great views of the track. At other circuits, especially in Europe, the Paddock Club is located in a temporary structure on the roof of the pit building that is partially open to the elements. 

Some of the most impressive Paddock Club structures can be found at the Middle Eastern circuits, especially in Abu Dhabi. In the Americas, the Paddock Club building at Circuit of The Americas offers great views over two levels, as well as grandstand seating. The Paddock Club at Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in Montreal is also located in an impressive new structure. In Europe, the Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring offers one of the best Paddock Club experiences on the calendar. Perhaps the best Paddock Club of all, however, can be found at the Marina Bay Street Circuit in Singapore

At Which Race is it Best to Experience the Paddock Club?

Races which attract the highest attendances on the calendar (e.g. Australia, Britain, USA) tend to also have the largest Paddock Club suites, and the highest number of guests. On the one hand, this can be great for atmosphere and celebrity spotting, but it can also mean long queues for the toilets and uncomfortably large crowds during the daily pit lane walks. If you don’t like crowds, look into attending one of the lower-attended races like the Bahrain Grand Prix or the Azerbaijan Grand Prix.

What are the Benefits of Buying Paddock Club Passes with F1 Experiences?

F1 Experiences offers a heightened guest experience within its own suite at selected races, offering all the benefits of the Paddock Club plus an expanded premium open bar and exclusive guest appearances. At some races, F1 Experiences also offers its guests in the Paddock Club a guided tour of the Formula 1 Paddock.

F1 Experiences also offers Legend Ticket Packages, which provide all the benefits of the Paddock Club experience plus several exciting add-ons. As well as being taken to the pitlane for a close-up view of the podium ceremony after the race, Legend guests are also given one-day access to the exclusive Formula 1 Paddock. This is the working area of the circuit behind the pits where you can see the drivers, mechanics and media up close. VIP Access tickets for the Formula 1 Paddock are not available for sale, and this is the only F1 ticket package offering the use of such a pass for a whole day.

Where are Paddock Club Packages Already on Sale for 2024?

Access to the Paddock Club is now available at around half of the 24 races planned for next year. Prices stated are for 3-day access from Friday to Sunday. Please note that prices are subject to change.

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