Tickets – 2022 French Grand Prix at Paul Ricard

Learn more about buying tickets and packages for the 2022 French Grand Prix at Circuit Paul Ricard on July 22-24.

Tickets are now available for the 2022 French Grand Prix. Prices for 3-day tickets start from €160 for General Admission and rise to just over €600 for the seats in the Main Grandstand (Ligne de Départ) facing the podium. This is the last contracted race at Circuit Paul Ricard and there’s no guarantee that the event will be able to keep its place on the F1 calendar in the future. This would be disappointing. Despite the well publicised organizational issues at the race when it returned in 2018, Paul Ricard and the local region have a lot to offer travelling fans and our experience in 2019 was excellent. This year’s race was also pretty exciting! Learn more about buying tickets for the 2022 French Grand Prix.

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Official Ticket Packages from F1 Experiences

F1 Experiences offers Official Ticket Packages at the French Grand Prix with grandstand seating or access to trackside hospitality in the Champions Club (not yet available for 2022) and Formula 1 Paddock Club. Additional exclusive activities include a Guided Track Tour, Exclusive Pit Lane Walk and access to the F1 Paddock. Learn more about hospitality suites at Circuit Paul Ricard below.

F1 Experiences packages at the 2022 French Grand Prix

Buying French Grand Prix tickets: Need to know

  • Tickets for the 2022 French Grand Prix are available for 3 days (Friday to Sunday), 2 days (Saturday & Sunday) or Sunday only.
  • 2022 French Grand Prix tickets issued by our partners Grand Prix Tickets (GPT) will be e-tickets that can be printed at home.
  • Children aged under 6 are granted free entry, provided they do not occupy a seat. Grandstand Tickets for children aged 6-16 are available at an approx. 50% discount to the adult price. Regular tickets without discount need to be purchased for children aged 17 or over.
  • The Start/Finish & Virage du Pont grandstands are covered; all other grandstands are open to the elements
  • Large video screens are located opposite all the grandstands at Paul Ricard
  • The distinctive blue and red striped runoff areas at Paul Ricard take up a lot of space at the circuit, putting most grandstands some distance from the track proper.
  • Grandstands and General Admission areas are accessible for reduced-mobility spectators. A special zone is available for wheelchair users on the Beausset corner.

2022 French Grand Prix Tickets


2022 French Grand Prix Packages

2022 French Grand Prix: Grandstands & General Admission

Start-Finish (Ligne de Départ): Best for pits action, and the race lead up, start and finish. Choose another grandstand if you want to see on-track action. Three categories of tickets are offered in the Start-Finish Grandstand; the most expensive Podium seats are located opposite the podium, whilst Gold seats are located opposite the starting grid and Silver seats are located after the start-finish line and closer to Turn 1. Upper seats in the grandstand are covered.

Sainte Baume (Turns 3-4): Four Silver grandstands are located between turns 5 and 6. Sainte Baume 4 looks to be the pick of them, with good views of the cars approaching straight. Two Bronze grandstands are also positioned on the run down to turn 7.

Chicane (Turn 6): The mighty Mistral straight will be broken up by the Chicane Nord (North Chicane). Six grandstands are clustered around this corner: two Bronze grandstands on the entrance (Chicane 1-2) and four Silver grandstands on the corner itself (Chicane 3-6). We’d choose Chicane 6 as you’ll have a view of the cars  approaching you (rather than a side or rear view). See our video view below.

2022 French Grand Prix Tickets


2022 French Grand Prix Packages

Le Beausset (Turn 8): Three Bronze grandstands are located on the outside of the long, sweeping turn 8. Le Beausset 2 and 3 seem to offer better views than Le Beausset 1. A fourth Family Grandstand offering discounted children’s tickets is also on this corner.

Virage du Pont (Turn 12): Four Gold grandstands are situated on the outside of the slow turn 12 hairpin. All grandstands here are covered. Virage du Pont 2 has views up the main straight, but we’d choose Virage du Pont 3 or 4 for better panoramic views of the final few corners. (Not yet available for 2022)

General Admission: Several standing areas are dotted around Paul Ricard, including at the start of the Mistral Straight and after the Chicane halfway down Mistral. The largest zones are located in the last few corners; on the approach to Turn 8 and between Turns 9-11.

2022 French Grand Prix: Hospitality suites

Champions Club by F1 Experiences: Located on the last few corners at Paul Ricard and with views down the start-finish straight, the Champions Club is located in the permanent ‘burger bar’ complex – which sounds a worse than it is! This is a modern building with a combination of grandstand seating, outdoor terraces and indoor spaces. Excellent views, high-quality cuisine and good service. Recommended! (Not yet available for 2022)

Formula 1 Paddock Club: The best hospitality suite at the French Grand Prix is located directly above the pits. It’s worth noting that the Paddock Club space is located on the first floor at Paul Ricard, which puts you close to the cars below. There’s also a rooftop terrace with great views down the Main Straight. VIP hospitality with seated meals, open bars and good perks like daily pit lane walks, driver appearances and access to the F1 Paddock. Flexible 1, 2 or 3-Day Access is available with F1 Experiences.

2022 French Grand Prix ticket prices (3 days)

LocationSectionPrice in EUR
Start/Finish - Podium (Ligne de Départ)1,2€606
Start/Finish - Gold (Ligne de Départ)1,2€505
Start/Finish - Silver (Ligne de Départ)3€394
Saint Baume - Bronze1,2,3,4,5,6€293
Chicane - Bronze1,2,3,4,5,6€293
Le Beausset - Bronze1,2,3,4,5,6€221
Virage Du Pont - Silver1,2,3,4N/A
General AdmissionN/A€161

2022 French Grand Prix Tickets


2022 French Grand Prix Packages

Been to the French Grand Prix? Leave a comment below and tell us where you watched the action!

35 thoughts on “Tickets – 2022 French Grand Prix at Paul Ricard”

  1. I will only be able to attend the race on Saturday, June 23rd…should I invest in Chicane 1 Grandstand or just buy a General Admission. Would appricate your advise.

    1. Hi John, I’d buy the grandstand ticket if you can afford it. Your day will be more comfortable with a seat, not having to battle to get a good vantage point. I’m expecting a decent crowd for the race.

  2. hello there, I am planning to go to the french grand prix this year but would like general admission for the sunday only. Can I buy a ticket on the day? Your help would be much appreciated.

  3. I bought a 3 day Sainte Baume Silver ticket 2018, It was my second live F1 GP. The traffic management into the track car parks is truly really awful. We were directed around the “ring road of doom” for no less than 6 hours on day 1 (after driving 5 hours to get there) and missed all the racing along with thousands of others in the oroborous traffic queue. The UK commentators noted the fact that the stands were empty because the fan were all stuck in traffic. Saturday and Sunday were slightly better but still a 2 hour queue on Saturday and 3 hours to get in on Sunday morning. Despite assurances that both lanes would be open to general traffic, they still kept one lane for VIPs only. None of the uniformed security personnel had a clue what was going on and most of them just defaulted to headless chicken mode. The systems and procedures failed and it was the fans that suffered for it. They even refused admittance to Sebastian Vettel.
    The view from the silver stand was good and better than the bronze stand, the screens were visible but too far away to read any text information or identify team mates. It seemed that we got more than our fair share of incidents, overtakes and wheel to wheel racing in front of the Sainte Buame stands. The screen closest to us was faulty all weekend, and had a section in the middle of the screen which went blank most of the time. It’s a long way from the main entrance and the F1 village. The poor path takes you into the infield across 2 bridges with very long queues to get across.
    The paths to the north side stands are baked dust when dry. When it rains they become 2 miles of sticky clay mud 6″ deep in places. There are no food kiosks near Sainte Buame, There is a drinks stand (reasonable prices) and a temporary toilet which was surprisingly clean. Stock in the souvenir shop is very limited and very expensive. They had run out of anything under 75 Euros by lunchtime Saturday. Commentary was half English, half French. There were long gaps with nothing happening between races. We got to watch a lot of the celebrity Hip-Hop DJ. The stuntman who did a lap on a jet hover-board was by far the most fascinating mid race event. The track was pretty much dead during the periods allotted to those who paid to be chauffeured around for the not very popular “Hot Lap”.
    The Grand Prix itself was thrilling. The wide run-off areas do take the action further away at first, but you quickly get used to it.

    Hopefully lessons will be learned, especially traffic management. It was however reported that the organisers were very pleased with the success of the logistics as they had proved it would work.
    I don’t think so.
    And compensation for the loss of a day’s racing? the hotel night? the wasted fuel? a voucher code for 12% off a similar 2019 ticket providing I book and pay before the end of January.

    1. Thanks for your input Steve. We had a Facebook group set up for fans last year going to the event, and I couldn’t believe the horror stories, especially on Friday. It was a massive disappointment for so many fans. I really hope the organizers make some big changes for 2019.

      1. Hi,

        We’re driving to the circuit today in hopes of buying two tickets for tomorrow. Any advice as it seems they’re sold out online?

        Many thanks for your time in advance


  4. Hey there Andrew we are coming from Australia to a attend grandprix We don’t want to miss general admission sales can you help us out with approx date and also if we could go on an early pre sale list? We have our accommodation booked so I am a bit panicky any help would be appreciated this is our first attendance so we aren’t clued in

    1. Hi Karen, General Admission tickets are already on sale for the 2020 French GRand Prix. They cost 119 EUR with 20% early bird discount till the end of the year and you can buy here. Let me know if you have any more questions. I went to the race this year and it was really good!

  5. I have planed my holiday in 2020 close to this circuit (about 1 hrs drive). If i visit the official site i only see 3 day pass ticket. Will there also be sunday tickets available ?

  6. How was the organization of 2019’s F1 GP at Paul Ricard? Was it any better than what Steve Lomax experienced in 2018 (and detailed here in January 2019)? That sounded horrible and we’re on the fence about attending in 2020 if it was the same this year. Thank you.

    1. Lisa, I went to the race this year and it was much better. I actually ran a bus from Marseille to the track for F1 Experiences and we hardly experienced any traffic or delays going in and out of the circuit. A bit more traffic after the race but nothing to worry about. Less fans this year helped of course as so many people were put off after year 1. Marseille was fantastic as well, I recommend this race despite the on-track action being rather dull. I wrote more and shared pictures on my new site here:

  7. Hi Andrew,
    I know nothing about F1 but my boyfriend is obsessed and loves the French circuit so I’d love to buy him tickets for his birthday. I think general admission would be better for us as we are quite social and don’t usually sit at events, but do you get a good enough view of the race from a huge fans perspective? Are there any other tips for the day you can give I.e. are drinks expensive? Should you get there early?
    Sorry if these are silly questions! Thank you!

    1. Hi Anna, I really liked Paul Ricard when I went this year. Lots of good views in General Admission, but wear comfortable shoes. It’s pretty hot and dusty in GA. Drinks are pretty expensive; e.g. 7 EUR for half liter beer. As for getting there early, not so important – depends where you stay and how you get to track. But the transport plan worked much better this year than last. Feel free to ask other questions!

      1. Hi Andrew,
        Thanks for your response! That’s great to know :) what would you say is the next best track? I’ve also been looking at Monaco but can’t see any general admission for all 3 days.
        Thanks again!

        1. Monaco is a bit different. Most people buy tickets for different grandstands each day. As for other good races to attend in Europe, I love Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya and Barcelona is a great city. Same for the Hungaroring and Budapest. Both are also more affordable than France or Monaco.

  8. What’s the scoop with taking your own refreshments into the track? I heard that there were very large queues. What’s a man go to do to get a beer? We are camping just close to the circuit through campingf1 in 2020 but information on the campsites seems very limited.

  9. We are intending to go to Paul Ricard for the French GP. I think we are going to buy a travel / accommodation package in the UK but I would like to buy 2 grandstand seats in silver stand 6 at the Chicane for Saturday and sunday only. Can you help please

  10. Hi Andrew, thanks for this post.
    I know nothing about F1 but my boyfriend is obsessed so I’d like to buy him tickets for a trip we a trip that we have on July 2022 (we’re from Argentina). This tickets are pretty expensive for me, so I’d like to make sure and going for a good option. I can’t decide between Chicane or Virage Du Pont. Which one do you think would be best? Do you know if he would be able to see the pit from Virage Du Pont? Any advice will be welcome.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

    1. Hello Victoria, I would choose Virage du Pont because it is closer to the Fanzone behind the Main Grandstand where there is lots to see and do when the cars are not on the track. You should have a distant view of the Main Straight from there, but I don’t think you will see the pits really

  11. Hi Andrew, Want to treat my F1 mad 14 year old to a Grand Prix next year. Was thinking of combining with a family holiday in south of France and driving him and I to the circuit but the reports on here have put me off. What package would you recommend if not riving there from a location nearby. Or would you recommend another Grand Prix to go to for a 1st time attender.

    1. France has got a bad wrap due to the poor organization in 2018, but I went in 2019 and it was much better. I think this would work really well together with a family holiday at the beach – and of course, this is a beautiful part of the world with lots to see and do. The best strategy may be to one of the “park and ride” locations nearby and he can get a shuttle bus to the circuit. Feel free to check out the comments and advice in our Facebook group for going to the race – join here.

  12. hey! im gonna go to watch the quali and the race. its General admission. but on f1’s website are there no virage du point general admission, is it gone? but what is the best general admission spot then?? the Sainte Baume, the Chicane or le beausset? or would you say some spots are better for quali and some for the race? hope you answer :) have a nice day :)) i could use your text very much!

      1. ok :) i will do that. but is it true there only are 3 general admission this year? Saint baume, chicane and le beausset? have a nice day!!!

  13. Looking at Virage du Pont there are “reduced visibility” tickets available for about €100 less. Any idea how much the visibility is reduced?? Thank you for your response on my question about Hungary, think between flight and accommodation costs were going to end up doing France!

      1. Thanks Andrew. Looking at the generated view the ticketing site gives you the view doesn’t seem restricted, so I’ve no idea either. They all seem to be the very front rows of the stand. I think in the end we’ll go down Sainte Baume.

  14. Hello Andrew, I just discovered the website. Very, very helpful information for those of us new to assisting an F1 race. Wish I had discovered it sooner! I am surprising my boyfriend this year with tickets to the GP in France, we live 2h away from the Paul Ricard circuit so by car would be the best option. Unfortunately, there were no tickets left for Sunday so I got tickets for qualifying on Saturday at Sainte Baume 1. From your experience, Is it worth it to go on Saturday only? Will we be able to enjoy the view in this grandstand? This will be the first ever race for us. Thank you in advance.

    1. Yes, you will still have a great time – Saturday is qualifying, so there is some excitement on the track. It will be a good first experience, then you can buy 3-day tickets for a race next year.

    1. You can probably still get Sunday tickets from a resale platform, but expect to pay a lot more than the original advertised price. Sorry, I don’t really have any recommendations for resale platforms as haven’t used them and many have poor reviews.

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