How to get to Circuit Paul Ricard for the 2021 French Grand Prix

The best ways get to Circuit Paul Ricard for the 2021 French Grand Prix on June 18-20*, plus advice on getting around in Marseille.


*PLEASE NOTE: The 2021 French Grand Prix will now take place one week earlier than planned on June 18-20.

The return of the French Grand Prix in 2018 was tainted for many fans by significant delays getting into and out of the Paul Ricard Circuit on race weekend, poor trackside parking and a lack of information for spectators. Many fans were stuck in traffic on local roads for up to 6 hours due to poor communication between the circuit and local traffic police, coupled with inefficient systems for controlling access to circuit parking.

Thankfully, a new ‘mobility plan’ was put in place for 2019 that was focused on four main areas: matching the number of vehicles going to the circuit with road capacity, overhaul the organization and management of trackside parking, use new roads and modify existing roads to improve road capacity and finally, to advise and inform the public before, during and after the event.

In addition to dedicated lanes for public buses and vehicles with five or more passengers, the biggest new initiative in 2019 was a “park and ride” facility in nearby La Ciotat with capacity for 4000 cars and free onward buses to  the circuit. A paid bus service also connected Paul Ricard each day with the larger regional centres of Nice, Toulon, Marseille and Aix-en-Provence.

2021 Update: Neither the “park and ride” nor paid bus services have been announced for the 2021 French Grand Prix. Given the maximum daily capacity for this year of 15,000 fans, circuit parking should be much easier, though taxis are the only option now for fans without a car.

Join our closed Facebook group Going to the French Grand Prix at Paul Ricard to ask travel-related questions, connect with fellow fans and plan joint journeys to the circuit.

Flights to the French Grand Prix

The Paul Ricard circuit is approximately 40km east of Marseilles, France’s second biggest city, in the direction of Toulon. If you own or have access to a private jet, then you are in luck. The Paul Ricard circuit complex includes the private Le Castellet Airport. The rest of us need to fly into one of the larger airports nearby served by international carriers:

  • The best airport to fly into is Marseille Provence (MRS), approximately 65km from Paul Ricard. This growing hub serves many European and some international routes. The largest number of flights are with discount carriers Ryanair, Easyjet and Volotea. Seasonal destinations further afield include Istanbul, Tel Aviv and Montreal.
  • The closest airport – 55 km from Paul Ricard – is Toulon Hyères (TLN), but this only serves a handful of routes, many seasonal. Example routes: Paris (Orly or CDG) and Lyon with Air France/HOP!, Southamption in the UK with Flybe and Copenhagen with Scandinavian Airlines
  • Finally, Nice Côte d’Azur (NCE) is only 176 km from Paul Ricard and is larger than MRS. It serves as a hub for Air France and Easyjet, and also has more long-haul flights, including New York, Doha and Dubai.

Trains & Driving to Circuit Paul Ricard

  • French trains are reliable, fast and often quite expensive, though you will save by booking in advance. Paris and Marseilles are connected by a high-speed TGV train that covers the distance of 750km+ in under 4 hours. Prices from €10 each way. Book on SNCF. Other train stations close to the circuit include Bandol, Toulon and Aix-en-Provence.
  • Depending on where you are traveling from, it could be worth driving your own car to Le Castellet (especially if you decide to camp). This part of Europe benefits from an excellent system of motorways, though you will have to factor in the cost of tolls. Both traffic and parking can also be a problem, but this is compensated by some incredible coastal and mountain scenery.
  • Rental Cars: browse the best deals in Marseilles and surrounds with Rentalcars.com

How to Get to Circuit Paul Ricard

  • Drive yourself: Given the fairly remote location of the Paul Ricard circuit, the best way to get to the race will be to drive yourself or stay as locally as possible, e.g. trackside camping. If you decided to base yourself in nearby Marseilles for the weekend, then the 40-45 km trip to the circuit via the A50 autoroute (use exit 11) should take around 45-60 minutes, notwithstanding traffic. After last years issues, trackside parking is FREE for ticketholders in 2019. Note that if you are travelling with at least five people in your vehicle, you can use a special carpooling lane and use a special parking area close to the circuit. Click here for a map of local roads with access to the circuit.
  • Taxis / shuttles / ride sharing: taxis are not cheap on the French Riviera. Expect to pay around €100 each way to get to Paul Ricard from Marseilles: OK if you are sharing with fellow fans.

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66 thoughts on “How to get to Circuit Paul Ricard for the 2021 French Grand Prix”

  1. Thanks for your information on access to Circuit Paul Ricard.
    I was hoping to find that as with most races, shuttle buses would be available.
    Oh well, wait and see I guess.

    1. Hi,I’m concerned re access too as not pre-booked parking and not on facebook! We’re staying in 13600 Bouches de Rhone area, have you had any joy with info re access for those who haven’t prebooked? Thank you.Val

  2. Well here we are the end of January and still no word about shuttles to the track. I’m have booked a room in Toulon but not bought tickets yet as I don’t know how to get to the track.
    That have had since 3016 to organize this, what the heck ???

  3. Still no news on any shuttle service, for the French race unbelievable,
    As I said in my other post they’ve had since 2016 to organize this.
    Seems they can’t organize a piss up in a winery! !

  4. hi mate
    7 of us staying in marseille just been quoted 700 euros to get to track and back absolute robbing b******ds

        1. Hi Kirsty. My friend & me are staying in Toulon at the Loramac apartments.We have a hire car booked,car park at the circuit also.Like yourself I thought there would be shuttle bus but not at those prices.Let us know if you dont have any joy. Clive ps I have know joined F1 destinations Facebook group

  5. We will be staying in Cassis and although we will have a hire car we don’t particularly want to drive to the circuit. So we are relying on some kind of shuttle service from Cassis or nearby. It is now only 14 weeks to race day so I am really surprised that the organisers are yet to release transport details.

  6. Booked the flight to Marseille/accomodation for hols and F 1 tickets. I’m panicking now however as only 2 of us and transport to track and back will be very expensive it seems. Do you think a shuttle will be bookable in advance at all. I won’t be driving unfortunately. Thanks

      1. We have purchased 7 race tickets, website never mentioned parking when we booked. Really concerned as coming from UK and hiring two cars. Can you confirm shuttle buses will be payed on each day.

        1. I suggest you contact the ticket office and ask about parking. Shuttle buses will be offered from surrounding towns/cities, but details have not yet been released.

  7. Also waiting on Shuttle info. Tickets booked and accommodation in Toulon, so hoping on shuttles rather than hiring car!

    1. Clive Griggs

      Hi Kirsty
      Just read your comments.Myself & a friend are also staying in Toulon.We are are hiring a car.The car park at the circuit is 45 euros for the 3 days.We assumed like yourself their would be shuttle price at reasonable prices.

  8. There are 9 of us staying in Marseilles and going Saturday and Sunday. If anyone fancies coming on board I can get prices for a 20 seater. Cheaper than travelling in small numbers. Message me at lesley@ finessetravel.co.uk

    1. Hi Lesley. I’ll be traveling on the 24th from Marseille to the circuit as well and would like to join you all to get a good deal.

      1. Text me on 07775886621 and we can share transport from Marseille (near the port) to the track on raceday…… Thanks Chris

  9. Bonjour
    France gp parking problem
    drive car have a car park in circuit?
    need any advance booked for parking?
    and price?

    MAR 22, 2018 | 11:46AM CET
    Emna Metoui replied:

    Merci pour votre message.

    Pour cet événement, ce sont uniquement des billets électroniques.

    Je reste à votre disposition pour de plus amples informations,

    Bien à vous,


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  10. Hi! I am concerned about the SNCF strike!! My flight arrives to Lyon, and I originally planned to travel by train to Marseille on Friday, but I have now realised it is a strike for that day!!! Any alternatives on how to move from Lyon-Marseille and back.

    1. I booked a train ticket from Paris to Marseille on Friday (22nd) and then realized it is a strike day (though the SNCF website mentions that my train is running)

      do you have any information on affected trains?


    1. Yes you can, if you’re a bit of a smuggler. Cans, bottles (glass and plastic) are all prohibited. You will be forced to leave it at the entrance … if they search you (which they will) and find anything (not always if you hide it properly). Food is not an issue depending on the packaging.

  11. Bumhole Mcgillacutty

    I’ve never been to this circuit but I’ve been allowed to take food and beer into circuits in the UK, Belgium and Italy so I’d imagine it’s the same here.

    Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  12. Balazs Pasztori

    Hello F1 fans,

    My girlfriend and I will be visiting the practice on Friday only. As I see the shuttle is very expensive and the schedule is not the best as well. If you rent a car and you have 2 seats we are happy to join you and split the costs for that day. If you are planning to go by cab/taxi we can share and save a lot. I hope we will find somebody who has the same issue.

    Have a good day!


  13. My husband & I are staying at La Ciotat,13600 Bouches du Rhone, is anyone close to share travel to circuit? Any suggestions will be appreciated. Sorry, think we’re the only people in the world not on facebook!

    1. We are in La Ciotat as well. Just arrived. Six of us planning on getting a taxi. Haven’t organised anything yet though. Have you got any taxi numbers? If we can’t get a six seater then eight people and two taxis would be a better option…

  14. we are arriving on the weds and are getting public transport and are fairly stuck after we get to Toulon I guess, such a shame its so in accessable for people! hope we bump into people in the same boat to share that huge taxi fare

    1. Hi Charlotte, we are staying at the Ibis Toulon in La Seyne Sur Mer and will need to get to the circuit on Saturday and Sunday, have you booked taxi or relying on the shuttle service.
      Thanks Barbara

  15. Does anuboduý knows if there will be buses from Bandol to the Circuit Paul Ricard from this week?

  16. Hi we are staying at the Ibis Toulon in La Seyne Sur Mer, there are 2 of us and we have tickets for Saturday and Sunday, is there anyone else staying at this hotel and travelling to the circuit. Also where is the nearest shuttle service. Thanks.

    1. Anita Lincoln

      Hi Barbara, I’m also staying in Toulon with my partner. Wondered whether you wanted to share a taxi – 07773798188?


  17. My Wife and I are getting a taxi from the Old Port in Marseille to the track on the Sunday (race day) if anybody would like to share and split the cost?

    If anybody else has two spare seats please text me on 07775886621.



  18. Looking for a lift for one person on Sunday staying in saint cry sur mer but can get to you happy to pay

  19. Declan Brennan


    My girlfriend and I used your shuttle bus service on Friday for transfer to and from Marseille. This service was sold (at premium prices) under the impression that there would be an F1 lane in operation saving travel time to and from the circuit. No such lane was taken by our driver if it existed at all. As such, we sat in traffic to and from the event, and our return trip took over 4 hours. This was unacceptable and service was falsely advertised. As such, I request a full refund for mine and my girlfriend’s ticket.

    Declan Brennan

    1. Hi Declan, we didn’t organize the shuttle bus service. The service we listed on this page was the official shuttle service run by Isi Lines for the organizers. We know about the serious congestion issues and massive delays at the circuit on the weekend. I suggest you take up your grievance direct with Isi Lines or GP France.

  20. Bogdan Bogdanov

    Hi All,

    i will be sleeping in Marseille and will drive alone with my car to the circuit, i can take 2 persons with me (mini cooper car :)).My mobile is +33608002972, if someone have interest, sms me and we can drive together.

      1. Hi there, my best mate and I will be staying in Marseille, I will look for your post on FB…

        Thanks Andrew!

  21. Hi my Husband is staying in sanary-sur-mer
    With 6 people. Does the shuttle bus go through..or does anyone have any taxi numbers??

  22. Used the La Ciotat free parking (drove from Cassis in hire car) and free bus today. Very scenic service over the mountain road through the forest to the race track. Took about 40 mins as advertised! Hoping works as well over next couple of days.

  23. Any idea how long the bus from the track back to Marseilles takes? Considering a 9pm train but not sure if the 6pm track departure would get there in time.

    1. I was running a bus last year from Marseille to the track and back. The journey took 45 minutes every time, apart from after the race when it was more like 90 minutes. But we were using the VIP lane. Not sure about the public buses, but should be similar.

  24. Hi,

    do you know if this year are going to be shuttle bus? I don’t know how to get to the circuit.

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