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Just before the tenth edition of the Singapore Grand Prix last year, the organizers signed a new four-year contract that guarantees the night race’s place on the F1 calendar until at least 2021.

Formula 1’s first night race has firmly established itself as one of F1’s premier destinations thanks to it’s spectacular location on public roads set against a backdrop of the spectacular Singapore skyline, slick marketing and big name concerts. The event has enjoyed strong financial support from the local government, but the organizers are not rushing into the next contract with F1’s new owners, Liberty Media, as they presumably chase a better deal. Attendances at the Singapore GP have actually fallen in recent years (from 87,000 in 2015 to 73,000 in 2016) and the race in neighboring Malaysia will fall off the calendar after this year due to big financial losses. Despite the falling attendances in recent years, the event is still a big tourist draw card, attracting over 30,000 international fans to the city state each September.


The inaugural race in 2008 is best remembered for Nelson Piquet Jr’s infamous ‘deliberate’ crash (see picture opposite) which helped his Renault teammate Fernando Alonso to a controversial victory. After being sacked by the team the following year, Piquet Jr claimed that he was following team orders. The results of the subsequent race-fixing investigation launched by the FIA saw Renault receive a suspended 2-year ban from the sport and two leading members of the team –  Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds – banned from involvement in F1 for a number of years.


During the inaugural event in 2008, the track drew criticism from drivers who complained about the excessively bumpy surface, potentially dangerous pit entry, and high curbs. Whilst these issues were sorted out, it wasn’t until before the 2013 race that the FIA approved some larger changes to the configuration of the Marina Bay circuit. The “Singapore Sling” chicane at turn 10 was removed and replaced with a simpler, faster left-hand turn. Further minor changes to the layout of the track from turns 11 to 13 were made ahead of the race in 2015, mainly to improve overtaking opportunities. The current layout of the circuit is pictured opposite.


  • Just four drivers have shared victories at the nine Singapore Grands Prix held since 2008. Sebastian Vettel has won four times (2011-2013, 2015), Lewis Hamilton three times (2009, 2014, 2017), Fernando Alonso twice (2008, 2010),  and Nico Rosberg once (2016).
  • The safety car has made at least one appearance in every Singapore Grand Prix held to date (those concrete barriers are unforgiving)
  • Spare a thought for the drivers, who endure sauna-like conditions in the cockpit during the Singapore Grand Prix and can lose up to 3kg of fluid during the race. The circuit, with its bumpy surface and 21 turns, is one of the most physically demanding races on the calendar.
  • Approximately 1600 custom-made floodlights are spread around the 5.075km Marina Bay circuit. The lights, four times brighter than at a regular sports stadium, are specially designed to minimize glare and surface reflection, and to meet F1’s TV broadcasting standards.
Circuit NameMarina Bay Street Circuit
Race first held2008
Track length5.065km (23 turns)
Race distance61 laps (308.828 km)
Lap record (all track layouts)1:45.599, Kimi Raikkonen (Ferrari), 2008
2017 result1st Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) 2:03:23.544
2nd Daniel Ricciardo (Red Bull) + 4.507s
3rd Valtteri Bottas (Mercedes) +8.800s
October 14, 2018

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