China is the cheapest F1 weekend for traveling fans in 2017, Monaco most expensive

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The Chinese Grand Prix is this year’s cheapest F1 weekend for traveling fans, according to our new analysis. Three days in Shanghai will set you back as little as $159 USD, including race ticket, accommodation and spending money. Other cheap destinations include Malaysia and Russia. At the other end of the scale, the most expensive F1 weekends are in the USA, Mexico, Abu Dhabi and Monaco.

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As part of our travel guides, we rank the cost of an F1 weekend (Budget Planner) based on three types of traveling F1 fan; Cheap Charlie, Average Joe and Extravagant Eddie. The weekend budget for each fan is broken down into the cost of 3-day race tickets, 3-nights accommodation and 3 days of spending money. As we are completing travel guides for all 20 races on this year’s F1 calendar, we now have up-to-date data to estimate the cost of an F1 weekend around the world in 2017! Click here to read our 2017 F1 ticket prices analysis, also published this week. Disclaimer: calculating the price of an F1 weekend is not an exact science! This ranking was calculated in $USD; some prices have been impacted by recent exchange rate movements.

Our F1 fan types

  • Cheap Charlie stays in a hostel or camps trackside, buys the cheapest weekend ticket (General Admission), takes their own food and drink to the race, doesn’t drink alcohol trackside and either makes their own food or eats at McDonalds.
  • Average Joe buys a mid-range Grandstand ticket, stays in a 3-star hotel or apartment, buys food and drink trackside, and can afford a reasonably priced restaurant meal at night and a few drinks at the pub. Average Joe’s budget doesn’t stretch beyond the cheapest merchandise at the track.
  • Extravagant Eddie buys the most expensive Grandstand seat on offer (normally opposite the pits), stays in a decent 4 or 5 star hotel and goes out to good restaurants and cool bars. They take taxis rather than public transport and buy merchandise at the track.

Main Findings

  • Cheap Charlie: the average cost of an F1 weekend for fans on a budget in 2017 is $337 USD. China is cheapest ($159 USD) and Abu Dhabi is the most expensive ($557 USD)
  • Average Joe: the weekend cost for mid-range fans averages $778 USD. China is cheapest ($410 USD) and Monaco is the most expensive ($1224 USD)
  • Extravagant Eddie: high-end fans need to spend an average of $1629 USD for their F1 weekend. China is cheapest ($927), whilst Mexico is most expensive ($2400 USD).
  • All Fan Types: We also calculated an overall average for the 2017 F1 calendar (the sum of our three fans types, divided by three), which works out at $915 USD. The cheapest F1 weekends overall are China ($498 USD), Malaysia ($524 USD) and Russia ($636 USD). The most expensive are Abu Dhabi ($1220 USD), Monaco ($1291 USD) and Mexico ($1296 USD).

Cheap Charlie: 2017 F1 weekend cost for fans on a budget ($USD)

Average Joe: 2017 F1 weekend cost for mid-range fans ($USD)

Our methodology

  • An ‘F1 weekend’ includes 3-day race ticket, 3 nights accommodation and 3 days of spending money. The stated budgets do not include flights or other travel costs needed to reach the destination.
  • For every F1 destination, we publish a Budget Planner post with a breakdown of the weekend cost for each type of fan. We use prices from the Tickets and Accommodation sections of our guides, plus data from Budget your trip to estimate a reasonable daily spend for each destination.
  • We always try to compare like-for-like; so Cheap Charlie always buys the cheapest 3-day ticket available (General Admission) and stays in a hostel, and Extravagant Eddie always sits in the Main grandstand opposite the pits and stays in a 4-star hotel.

Extravagant Eddie: 2017 F1 weekend cost for high-end fans ($USD)

Combined: Average cost of an F1 weekend in 2017 for all fan types ($USD)

Ranking the cost of an F1 weekend in 2017 ($USD)

Click on the destination to read the Budget Planner.
1. China $498$159$410$927
2. Malaysia$524$189$438$946
3. Russia $636$205$490$1215
4. Hungary$724$290$627$1255
5. Canada$752$282$622$1354
6. Australia $798$360$690$1345
7. Azerbaijan$813$282$823$1333
8. Bahrain $843$360$720$1450
9. Spain $870$313$812$1485
10. Austria $882$311$755$1580
11. Italy$886$315$769$1575
12. Belgium $966$315$844$1741
13. Britain$1000$416$814$1772
14. Japan$1036$318$835$1955
15. Singapore$1059$353$832$1994
16. Brazil$1070$365$870$1975
17. USA $1136$475$890$2045
18. Abu Dhabi $1220$557$1056$2047
19. Mexico$1291$430$1045$2400
20. Monaco$1296$475$1223$2190

How much did your F1 weekend cost? Do you think going to an F1 race is good value or too expensive? Leave a comment below!

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    Great info, ive never been in a f1 race before, just tv (chile is a little far away from everything). But this guide really makes me wanna go and check it out by myself.

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