2022 Italian Grand Prix tickets now on sale

Tickets for the 2022 Italian Grand Prix are now on sale. The Monza race is set to take place on September 9-11.

Tickets are now available for the 2022 Italian Grand Prix. Monza will welcome back a capacity crowd for the first time since 2019, when the Tifosi were treated to a Ferrari victory courtesy of Charles Leclerc.

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 Italian Grand Prix was held without fans in the grandstands. In 2021, the circuit ran at half capacity. Ticket sales for last year’s event were disappointing, mainly due to inflated prices and the late launch of ticket sales.

There is unprecedented demand for Formula 1 tickets in 2022, with many races having sold out within days of tickets going on sale. We recommend booking your tickets as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. 

The Italian Grand Prix has provided a true racing spectacle in recent years, with the last two races at the venue resulting in unexpected victories for AlphaTauri’s Pierre Gasly in 2020 and McLaren’s Daniel Ricciardo in 2021.

The Italian Grand Prix is one of only two, alongside the British Grand Prix, which has been ever-present on the Formula 1 schedule. Monza has hosted more Formula 1 races than any other circuit and has appeared on the calendar in all but one season.

Early bird discount

The good news is that there is a discount of around 7.5% if you purchase your 2022 Italian Grand Prix tickets before the end of May. Ticket prices will increase on June 1. Both 3-day and single day tickets are available for the 2022 Italian Grand Prix.

Where to watch the Italian Grand Prix action

While there are lots of grandstands to choose from, most are clustered around the circuit’s most iconic corners. Seven grandstands are covered, and all should offer views of giant screens to follow the action. Click here for our detailed guide on Monza’s grandstands, and the best vantage points to view the action from.

The most expensive tickets are located in the Centrale grandstand, which is opposite the pit lane. Weekend tickets for this grandstand will set you back €960 (or €210 for children under the age of 11). The cheapest 3-day grandstand tickets are in the Inner Ingresso Parabolic stands (GF10, GF11, GF12 and GF13). Prices here, on the inside of the Parabolica corner, are €245 for the weekend.

General Admission returns for the 2022 Italian Grand Prix. 3-day General Admission tickets are priced at €99.

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61 thoughts on “2022 Italian Grand Prix tickets now on sale”

  1. Hi!

    Thank you so much for all this information, it’s very helpful! I have a question regarding the general admissions tickets. I got an email from you that said ”Single-day tickets are also available for Saturday and Sunday.”, where do I find these tickets? :)

    Have a nice day!

    1. Sorry, it seems that information is out of date. Latest information from GPT is that they will only have Saturday only tickets (not Sunday only). These will be on the shop a little bit later, not sure when yet

  2. Hi there,
    General Admission tickets had already sold out by the time the email for ticket release came out. Will you be releasing any more?

      1. hi there, I’ve been communication with f1 tickets offical who have said they are not yet realised and come out today, but other sites are selling them now and saying they are sold out.im so confused who to believe please help!!!!


  3. Robert Wiggins

    Got onto the ticket shop as soon as email notification came through. Was looking for Sunday only tickets, which were advertised in the pricelist – but none available through your shop. Given my budget, I couldn’t get weekend tickets, and I’ve seen elsewhere on this site that Sunday only tickets now won’t be going on sale. For myself and many others, this is extremely disappointing. Is this a case of the race promotor saying one thing and doing another because it’s hard to make sense of this decision. How could Sunday tickets be featured in the pricelist and now they won’t be offered at all?

    1. Hi Robert, I’m really sorry but things are very disorganized from the Monza promoter side. We were expecting Sunday only tickets to be available too, but my ticket company said at the last moment that Monza informed them they would not be available. I guess they have huge demand for the 3-day tickets so they don’t need to sell them for one day only. The demand is just massive and this is the result. We do have additional 3-day tickets available now in our shop if that helps. Perhaps there’s a way to give them to friends or sell the Friday and Saturday access. But if you don’t act soon, all the tickets will be sold out completely for this race.

      1. Robert Wiggins

        Hi Andrew,

        Thanks for the response. Probably a bit hasty on my part. Will keep an eye out for cheaper weekend options as you say.

  4. Hi,
    is there any way to get notifications about new ticket pool ? Also, is there any restrictions in terms of minimum age for kids ? I have two kids, 3 and 6 yo.


    1. Hi Jakub, We have new tickets available today in our ticket shop. Check here. Unfortunately, we do not have any children’s tickets. I don’t have exact information about the age requirements. I think your 3yo should be able to attend without a ticket, but you may need for your 6yo. Sorry, I wanted to check the rules on the official site – monzanet.it – but I’m getting error messages and cannot access any information there. You can also check the F1 Tickets site, I think they will go on sale today or tomorrow.

  5. If I go to the official F1 site it says the tickets aren’t on sale yet, so how can they be sold out already?

    1. F1 Tickets is a reseller, so they go on sale when they have their allocation and are ready. We went on sale yesterday and sold out of our initial allocation in about 3 hours. But more tickets are already available in our shop today – hopefully additional grandstands (cheaper options) will be available later today. Italy ticket shop link

  6. Hello,
    Is there maybe a chance that a second wave of GA tickets will be available like in Imola this year so you don’t have to pay overpriced reseller fees?

    1. We sold out of our initial allocation yesterday in about 2-3 hours. But the good news is that we will have more today. Already we have some categories available in the shop now – here is the purchase link. I suggest not waiting around too long or they will sell out again. I hope there will be some cheaper categories available today as well, but I cannot guarantee right now.

  7. I have a question about tickets for children for F1 Monza Race in September.
    I bought lawn tickets for weekend. Do I need additional special tickets for 8 month baby or mine is enough?

    1. No you don’t need an additional ticket for your baby, but I would consider if the racetrack is the best place for such a young child. I personally wouldn’t take a small baby to the track.

  8. Aimee Nicole Bowen

    Hi why am i unable to access tickets through the F! ticket shop website i can access them for all other races but not the monza race? how safe is it buying tickets from other sites

    1. F1 Tickets doesn’t seem to be on sale for Monza yet, they should be soon. But remember that F1 Tickets is only a reseller. Normally we recommend buying from either our ticket shop (also a reseller) or direct from the circuit – in this case, Monzanet.it. Other reputable sites include Motorsport Tickets and GP Ticket Shop.

  9. Hi Andrew,
    I’ve had a quick look – do you know if other tickets will be released. Will they come in dribs and drabs – how does it tend to work, or it is just the usual Italian chaos !!

    1. Hard to say, but our ticket agent will definitely be trying to get more tickets. I do expect more to become available, but you will need to keep checking the shop and to act fast if you see them!

  10. Hi there !
    Thank you for all these infos. For those interested, Monza has released some GA admission again :)
    Quick question, is there any chance to have some activities at the track on the Thursday (we have 3 days tickets) or is it completely out of the table ?
    Thanks a lot.

    1. Good news, you should buy the GA from Monza if you see them available! Normally there is a pit lane walk on Thursday afternoon, but not yet confirmed for this year. Also don’t forget you can walk around the Monza park and maybe go on the old banked circuit – Thursday is a good time to do this

  11. Hello!
    Question about the Main Straight Terraces tickets. Do you happen to know at which of the grandstands will the seats be? 2, 3, or 27-30?

  12. Managed to get Centrale tickets, splurged a bit but do you think worthwhile for a first time F1 experience. Also, are you aware when tickets actually get sent from your supplier?

    1. Well done. Centrale is a great covered grandstand in the center of the action. Tickets will be provided by the promoter/Monza circuit and should be sent around 2-4 weeks before the race – but I do worry it could be later as things are always a bit chaotically organized in Italy

  13. Hi Andrew, would you expect to receive another allocation of tickets and if so is there a way to sign up to be notified when they’re available? Stupidly signed up to the F1 website’s mailing list for when the tickets went live, woke up to an email this morning and by that time they’d already gone! Gutted.

    1. Sorry about that Ross. You should be aware that F1 Tickets is only a reseller and they apply quite a big mark up. They are never the best place to buy tickets. For Italy, official site is Monzanet.it. I think they have GA tickets available now. Our shop only has VIP tickets right now, but please keep checking as grandstand tickets are being added from time to time – but they sell quickly. Other places you may look for tickets include Motorsport Tickets, Gootickets, GPTicketshop.

      1. Hi Andrew thanks for the reply. I’m seeing 3 day tickets available on the Monza site under “Intero Seconda Fascia” – any idea what that means? Thanks

  14. Hi Andrew,
    Is this general admission right? what does “intero seconda fascia” means. I already translated but couldn’t find anything meaningful.

    1. Basically, I think it means that these are “second phase” tickets. They planned three phases with cheaper prices. First phase was to the end of March, except tickets were not on sale! Now this phase the prices are valid till the end of May, before they go up again. But looks like they will all be sold out before the third phase prices kick in. Hope that helps!

  15. Hello, I managed to purchase a general admission weekend ticket off your site and was just wondering on how the logistics of receiving the tickets work? Are they physical tickets that will be delivered or need collecting or e-tickets? My first f1 event and I’m very excited, Thank you :)

    1. Hi Joe, good to hear you got some tickets. These will be e-tickets, mailed to you hopefully around 2-4 weeks before the race – the exact time depends on when our ticket agent receives the tickets from Monza, the promoter of the race.

  16. Hi Andrew,
    PRATO Ingresso (INTERO SECONDA FASCIA) — Is this general admission right? what does “intero seconda fascia” means. I already translated but couldn’t find anything meaningful.

    1. It means “The whole second ring”. I think it’s a designated area for the General Admission tickets.

  17. Hi, will you be receiving more 3 day grandstand tickets for monza? I managed to get general admission but was hoping for grandstand

    1. Honestly, I don’t know. If we do get more it will be very limited tickets and I think they will sell out quickly. Be happy you got some GA, many people already missed out on tickets

    1. We only have VIP tickets available now. There’s a chance we can get a few more, but not holding out much hope for this. Please try other official sources like monzanet.it / Gootickets / GPTicketshop / Motorsport Tickets etc

  18. Hi Andrew

    Does the Race Club tickets include any open air access and/or seating on the top floor? From the pictures available there are seats above the lounge. But can Race Club ticket holders access that level?

  19. why do infant below the age of 1 years old need to buy a ticket if they’re going to be sitting on the parents lap?

  20. Hi Andrew, do you have any information as to when the COVID vaccination/testing regulations will be released for access to the Monza race track and where they will be posted publicly to review? Right now the Monza track website has only old COVID regulations from November 2021. Americans also do not have Italy’s green pass program, so any info on how this will be handled or who to ask? Thanks!

    1. Nicky Haldenby

      Hi Ben – no more information at the moment as the rules are likely to change before the race in September. The updated info will likely be added to the Monza website when available. We also recommend checking government websites for the latest travel/entry advice

  21. Jack Bramwell

    Hi there, I’ve panic bought tickets and ended up with 3 to many! I don’t want to lose money and I know people have missed out on tickets. Is there any recommendations of how I can get into communication with other fans. I. E forums or Facebook groups, not looking to make a profit, face value only.

    Thanks Jack, Norwich UK

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