2021 Italian Grand Prix tickets now on sale

Tickets for the 2021 Italian Grand Prix are now on sale. The Monza race is set to take place on September 10-12.

Formula 1 will race at Monza in September and tickets for the 2021 Italian Grand Prix are now on sale. Along with the British Grand Prix, the Italian Grand Prix is one of only two events to have appeared on the World Championship calendar in every season since 1950, while Monza has hosted more Formula 1 races than any other circuit.

Last year’s Italian Grand Prix was one of the best races of the 2020 season, with Pierre Gasly taking a shock victory for the AlphaTauri team. The event was held behind closed doors – but the event is set to go ahead with spectators this year.

Coronavirus protocols

The 2021 Italian Grand Prix will run with around a 50% capacity crowd and only those with a European green Covid certificate will be permitted entry. You will also need proof of vaccination, proof that you have recovered from coronavirus or proof of a negative molecular or antigenic test result. 

In 2019, a record-breaking 200,000 fans were in attendance over the weekend, with the tifosi treated to a Charles Leclerc victory. Demand for tickets to the 2021 Italian Grand Prix is expected to be high, so be sure to secure your tickets soon to avoid disappointment!

If you’re looking for a premium experience at the 2021 Italian Grand Prix, consider ticket packages from F1 Experiences. With a wide range of experiences available, from premium grandstand seats to hospitality in the Paddock Club, these options will ensure a memorable trip.

Where to watch the Italian Grand Prix action

While there are lots of grandstands to choose from, most are clustered around the circuit’s most iconic corners. Seven grandstands are covered, and all should offer views of giant screens to follow the action. Click here for our detailed guide on Monza’s grandstands, and the best vantage points to view the action from.

The most expensive tickets are located in the Centrale grandstand, which is opposite the pit lane. Weekend tickets for this grandstand will set you back €1,140 (or €210 for children under the age of 11). The cheapest 3-day tickets are in the Inner Ingresso Parabolic stands (GF10, GF11, GF12 and GF13). Prices here, on the inside of the Parabolica corner, are €260 for the weekend. There is no general admission available at the 2021 race.

Sprint Qualifying

Following its debut at the British Grand Prix, the 2021 Italian Grand Prix will be the second race weekend to use the Sprint Qualifying format. The traditional hour of qualifying will take place on Friday evening, setting the grid for Saturday’s 18-lap sprint race. Given the slipstreaming effect at Monza, you can expect an action-packed Saturday afternoon race!

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21 thoughts on “2021 Italian Grand Prix tickets now on sale”

  1. We have travel plans to come to Monza from the US. We have a layover in UK for a few hours. It sounds like we’ll be subject to a 5-day quarantine because of the layover?

    Can anyone confirm that or have any ideas for workaround?

  2. Traveling to Italy from US, layover in London

    My wife and I are traveling to Italian GP from US and have a 2-hour layover in England on Sept 3 2021.

    If I understand the current COVID policy it appears we’d need to quarantine for 5 days in Italy just because that layover. Is that accurate?

    I wanted to verify that’s true before cancelling our flight and biting the bullet to buy a new flight which routes through a different country.

    We are fully vaccinated and have no problems with getting any required tests.

  3. Owen Gruenberg

    Do you have any insight into whether the 5 day quarantine from the UK will be changed for fully vaccinated British citizens?


  4. Will we be allowed to walk round the track still this year even though no general admission tickets are being sold? And will the roving Friday still be available?

    1. Walking around different parts of the track is a question mark right now. Hopefully Monza will provide some more information before the race about this. I also don’t know about Free/Roving Friday, but I’m guessing that won’t be available this year.

      1. I don’t really see why they shouldn’t allow walking around the track tbh, as it would enable the spectators to spread out a bit as well, and some will have to walk round the track to get to their stand…

        1. I hope you are right. I haven’t seen any information about the circuit being divided into zones (like at some races this year) so I would say you will be able to walk around inside the circuit.

  5. I bought tickets for grandstand 8b about 2 weeks ago and still haven’t received them yet. Do you know when I will get them? And also if they will be emailed or posted out to me?

      1. I did yes, I purchased them from GPT using the link on this website about 2 weeks ago. That would be great if you could help with that thanks

        1. Hi Mark, spoke to GPT today and here is text added to the Italian GP tickets post: Grandstand tickets purchased via our supplier GPT will be e-tickets that can be printed at home (only hospitality tickets will be sent to your nominated address as physical tickets.) Both e-tickets and physical tickets will be sent (via email or courier) around 10-14 days before the start of the race weekend.

          As Monza is not always so well organized (and GPT is also overwhelmed by fulfilment for both the Belgian and Dutch GPs), I’d say you can expect your email with e-ticket next week sometime.

  6. Are US residents able to get a European green COVID certificate? And any info on what that process looks like if so?

  7. Will the NHS pass be accepted (considering Italian authorities recognize it but want to make sure)

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