Tickets – 2018 Russian Grand Prix at Sochi Autodrom

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Planning a trip to the Russian Grand Prix? Read our guide to help you choose the best tickets at the Sochi Autodrom. The next race is on September 28-30, 2018.

Please note that tickets for the 2018 Russian Grand Prix are not yet on sale. This guide will be fully updated after ticket sales commence.

Tickets at Sochi Autodrom are offered in just five grandstands (plus General Admission), though there are some further premium categories in the larger grandstands to account for better views. As always, you get what you pay for. In addition to four-day tickets (Thursday – Sunday), it’s also possible to buy weekend tickets around 20% cheaper, or Friday-only tickets for a reasonable $34 USD.

2017 Russian Grand Prix tickets

Type Price $USD
Main GrandstandThursday-Sunday$319-$465
T1 GrandstandThursday-Sunday$245-259
T1 GrandstandSaturday-Sunday$208-220
T1 GrandstandFriday$34
T2 GrandstandThursday-Sunday$245-268
T2 GrandstandSaturday-Sunday$208-220
T2 GrandstandFriday$34
T3 Daniil Kvyat GrandstandThursday-Sunday$190
T3 Daniil Kvyat GrandstandSaturday-Sunday$161
T3 Daniil Kvyat GrandstandFriday$34
T4 GrandstandThursday-Sunday$166
T4 GrandstandSaturday-Sunday$141
T4 GrandstandFriday$34
General AdmissionFriday-Sunday$85

Russian F1 tickets: need to know

  • There are different ticket types available in the Main, T1 and T2 grandstands. If you can afford it, buy the more expensive tickets to be guaranteed better views.
  • Grandstand tickets are sold for 4-day access (including access to the pitlane walk on Thursday), 2-day access (Saturday-Sunday) or one-day access (Friday). This means you can buy a ticket for one grandstand on Friday and then a different grandstand on the weekend without paying more, but you would miss out on the pitlane walk in this case.
  • There’s no Free Friday at Sochi and circuit access is general quite restricted. General Admission tickets only provide access to one dedicated area, rather than access to all parts of the circuit.
  • The Main grandstand is covered, all other grandstands are open to the elements.
  • Discounted tickets for children aged 3-12 years are available only in T1 grandstand, either for 2 days (Sat-Sun) or 4 days (Thurs-Sun) and are priced from $104-130 USD.
  • Disabled fans are also well looked after at Sochi Autodrom. Discounted tickets for wheelchair platforms are available in the Main, T1 and T2 grandstands. 2-day tickets (Sat-Sun) cost $32 USD and 4-day tickets (Thurs-Sun) cost $37 in T1/T2 or $41 in the Main grandstand. Tickets for one companion are free.

Main Grandstand

The best place to sit if you want to watch action in pits, plus the start, finish and podium celebrations. The main grandstand is modern and has good facilities, but don’t expect any on-track action. Click here to find out which sector you will need to be in front of your favorite team.

Turn 1 grandstand

Located close to the Main grandstand, T1 is next to the long, sweeping first corner at Sochi Autodrom. From here, you can see the start-finish straight and watch the drivers set up overtaking moves into T2. There’s also more distant views of Turns 12-14. Click here to learn more.

Turn 2 grandstand

The general consensus seems to be that the T2 grandstand offers some of the best views and on-track action. A low-speed corner after a long straight, this is where many of the overtaking takes place at Sochi. You are also pretty much guaranteed some action here on lap 1 of the race.

Turn 3 grandstand

Otherwise known as the ‘Daniil Kvyat grandstand’, T3 (main picture above) wraps around turn 3, the longest left-hand corner on the whole calendar. Depending on where you are sat in the grandstand, you will also get a decent view of turn 2 or turn 4.

Turn 4 grandstand

The cheapest grandstand is still worth considering for a close-up view of the tricky turn 4. Depending on where you sit, you will also get a good view of the cars exiting the long turn 3 or a view of the next corner, turn 5. Check out this perfectly time photo taken from the T4 grandstand in 2015, where a fan inadvertently captured the coming together of Kimi Raikkonen and Valtteri Bottas.

General Admission

The GA area is located around the Bolshoi Ice Dome, which hosted ice hockey games during the Olympics. This means you get quite good views with some elevation of turns 4-6, but you cannot access other parts of the track. Tickets are sold for 3 days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). General Admission ticket holders don’t get access to the pitlane walk on Thursday.

Premium Tickets

  • Red Bull Racing Paddock Club tickets cost $5500 USD for Saturday-Sunday or $6100 for Friday-Saturday. You’ll have paddock access, incredible views above the pits (and several guided tours of the pits), plus all the food and drink you can handle
  • The Sochi Autodrom lounges come in three categories. Four-day tickets are priced from $831 USD (Premium) up to $2746 USD (Platinum). More details here.

Click here to buy Russian Grand Prix tickets. Have you been to the Russian Grand Prix at the Sochi Autodrom? Leave a comment and tell us your recommendations on where to watch the action.

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