Tickets – 2017 British Grand Prix at Silverstone

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Your guide on buying tickets and the best places to watch the action at Silverstone for the 2017 British Formula 1 Grand Prix on July 14-16.

The British Grand Prix at Silverstone is one of the most established, popular and well-attended races on the Formula 1 calendar – it’s also one of the most expensive. Tickets for 2017 went on sale just days after the last race and some of the most popular grandstands already have limited tickets available and will shortly begin selling out. Prices are broadly similar to last year, though the organizers have consolidated some ticket categories and been more creative in offering a variety of discounts and special offers. Silverstone has capacity for approximately 150 000 F1 fans, comprised of 60 000 grandstand tickets and 90 000 General Admission tickets (last year’s attendance was 140 000 on race day)

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Silverstone tickets – need to know

  • All the grandstands at Silverstone offer big screen viewing, whilst around half are covered (the Bronze Grandstands are uncovered, for example).
  • Driving to Silverstone? Don’t forget that you need to purchase parking access together with your tickets. Weekend tickets cost £65, whilst single-day tickets cost £15 for Friday, £25 for Saturday and £50 for Sunday. Purchase them together with your tickets (more info in Getting Around)
  • For the first two days of the event, all grandstand tickets are ‘roving’, meaning you are free to sit in any of the other Grandstands (with the exception of Club Silverstone), though the most popular stands do get full quickly.
  • Sunday only tickets are available for all grandstands (apart from Club Silverstone), though the discounts on 3-day ticket prices are not particularly enticing.
  • In all grandstands (apart from Club Silverstone), tickets for children aged 15 or under are priced at a 50% discount, so long as the child is accompanied by an adult holding an equivalent fully-paid ticket.

2017 British Grand Prix tickets (3 days)

TypeNamePrice GBP
VIPOne Driver's Lounge£2340
VIPDriver's Lounge£1950
VIPSilverstone Six, Brooklands Restaurant£1830
UltimateInternational Pits Straight£599
UltimateBecketts Plus£399
PlatinumClub Corner£399
PlatinumBecketts, Abbey£349
GoldThe View£325
GoldWoodcote A, Woodcote B, Luffield, Village B£275
SilverStowe A, Copse A, Copse B, Club A£299
SilverStowe B, Stowe C, National Pits Straight£249
BronzeFarm Curve, Village A, Vale £249
General Admissionn/a£165

Silverstone General Admission Tickets

  • Three-day General Admission (GA) tickets at Silverstone are among the most expensive on the current calendar, but the offer is pretty decent. GA areas cover almost the whole circumference of the circuit and offer excellent vantage points at some of the best corners. In many cases, the GA areas are located directly in front of the grandstands. The organizers have also improved the General Admission viewing experience at the track in recent years; capacity has been extended, new raised viewing mounds have been built and some perimeter fencing has been moved to allow fans to get closer to the action.
  • Some of the best General Admission viewing areas at Silverstone include the International Pits Straight (with a view of the start/finish line), Stowe, Luffield, Beckets, Vale and Copse Corner. It’s important to secure your chosen spot in General Admission as early as possible, particularly on Saturday and Sunday as the popular areas get progressively busier over the course of the weekend.
  • Single day General Admission tickets are also available for each day of the event, priced at £55 on Friday, £70 on Saturday and £145 on Sunday. The Friday tickets are especially good value, as roving Grandstand access is provided for General Admission ticket holders on this day. Children under 10 get free entrance to General Admission, whilst tickets for children 11-15 are priced at a 50% discount.

Silverstone Grandstands Analysis

Club Silverstone

Club Silverstone is the premium section of the Becketts Grandstand. You get an excellent view of the high-speed Becketts-Maggots esses section of the track. Extra benefits for these tickets include a dedicated parking area, exclusive food marquee and bar area. If you can’t afford premium hospitality tickets for Silverstone, these tickets are the next best option.

Club Corner

The final Club corner on the circuit leading on to the International Pits Straight is a solid and popular Grandstand choice at Silverstone. There are four sections in this large Grandstand – the best tickets are in section 2, closest to the pits area. Great seats for the best view of the Podium celebrations after the race.

International Pits Straight

This large, popular grandstand is located opposite the pits complex and is the best place to watch the start, finish and pitstops at Silverstone. There are four sections in this grandstand (blocks 2-5). The best tickets are in block 2, closer to the start of the straight (after Club corner). Block 5 tickets are at the other end of the straight (closer to Abbey corner).


Abbey is located at the end of the International Pits Straight, right next to the opening Abbey corner. From these seats, you get a distant view of the final Club corner, pitstops and start/finish of the race. Abbey corner and on to Farm. A solid choice.

Village B

The more expensive, covered Village B grandstand offers an extended and close-up view as the cars take on the difficult slow-speed Village and Loop corners. From here, it’s also a short walk to the Village stage on the infield where concerts are held each night on Grand Prix weekend.


Luffield is a slow corner which offers a prolonged view of the cars from the Wellington Straight all the way to the National Pits Straight. The Luffield A & B Grandstands were merged in 2014.

Woodcote A & B

Woodcote A is a better choice than Woodcote B, which used to be cheaper. From your seat in Woodcote A, you will get a good view of the slow-speed Luffield before the cars accelerate out of Woodcote and down the National Pits straight. Woodcote B (video view here) is located on the entry to the National Pits Straight and also offers a distant view of the Wellington Straight and slow Luffield complex. The seats in band 8 are better than those in band 7 in this grandstand.


One of the most demanding sections of any Grand Prix circuit, the Maggots-Beckets esses at Silverstone are a high-speed test of the driver’s skills and a great place to watch the action. The run-off area here is wide, so the stands are set back from the cars, but the views are panoramic and you also get a view of the village corner on the opposite side of the track.

National Pits Straight

This covered stand is located on the straight between Woodcote and Copse at the half way point of a Silverstone lap, overlooking the old pits area. There is big-screen TV viewing available for fans and a good atmosphere.

Copse A, B, C

Located on the outside of Copse Corner, a super-fast right hander at the end of the National Pits Straight, the three Copse Grandstands are covered and offer good views for the price as well as big screen TV viewing. Copse A & B are a better choice than Copse C, and often sell out well ahead of the race.

Village A

Village A, the cheaper (uncovered) stand on Village Corner, is an excellent choice. From your vantage point in this stand, you get a great extended view of the cars as they take on the slow and technical Village and Loop corners which present a real test of the driver’s skills. Big screen viewing is available. You are also close to the Village stage on the infield where some of the best off-track action happens on the weekend.

Stowe A, B, C

There are three stands on the outside of Stowe corner, a 3rd gear right-hander taken at almost 200 km/hr. The Stowe stands are good value, but set back from the track due to the large run-off area. A big screen TV is located near to Stowe C and visible from all three stands. Based on last year’s tiered pricing, the best views are from Stowe B, followed by Stowe C and Stowe A.


There are two sections in the Vale grandstand. Band 8 tickets are better, as they have a better view of the slow Vale Corner, as well as the final Club corner and the end of the International Pits straight. The Band 9 seats have views of several corners including Stowe, Vale, Club and Farm, as well as Hangar Straight.

VIP Tickets

A range of VIP tickets are offered at various locations around the track and with different levels of hospitality. We’ve indicated the 3-day prices in our pricing table above, but single-day tickets are also available from as little as £143 (for Friday access to the Woodcote Lounge.)  All tickets are available from Gootickets.

Been to the British GP at Silverstone? Leave a comment and tell us your favorite grandstand.

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