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Your guide to buying tickets for the 2017 Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park on March 23-26.* The best places to watch the action, including a full rundown on general admission, grandstands and hospitality tickets.

*2017 race date is provisional. We recommend buying your Australian Grand Prix tickets from our partner Gootickets.

2017 Australian Grand Prix Tickets

Ticket / GrandstandPrice for 4 days ($AUD)
General Admission$165
Webber, Waite, Senna, Schumacher, Clark$299
Prost, Fangio$399
3 Champions$460
Senna Premium$490 (Sold Out)
Schumacher Premium$490
Brabham, Jones$490
Ricciardo & Piquet Premium$545
Fangio & Prost Premium$545 (Sold Out)

Need to Know

  • General Admission tickets are available for single day entry: Thursday $25, Friday $35, Saturday $65 & Sunday $79.
  • Discounted concession and family tickets are available in General Admission, whilst children’s tickets are available for all grandstands.
  • Grandstand seats are not reserved on Thursday (but there is no on-track F1 action on this day)
  • Premium tickets are covered and located at the top of some grandstands (apart from Ricciardo and Piquet, which are all premium grandstands)
  •  3 Champions grandstand tickets offer seats in different grandstands on each day of the event.

GP Advantage

If you buy your 4-day grandstand ticket early enough, you are entitled to become a GP Advantage member.  To qualify for Gold membership, you need to have bought your ticket no later than around 8 months before the race. For Silver membership, the cut-off is around 4 months before the race (November 30, 2016 this year). Membership is only good for one year – to qualify again, you need to buy your early bird tickets for the next race. The benefits of GP Advantage membership include access to pitlane and pit straight walks and a special food & drink enclosure.  Full details are listed here.

Albert Park grandstands

The views from grandstands at Albert Park are generally limited to one or two corners. All grandstands have large viewing screens opposite so you won’t miss any of the on-track action. Some stands have a more expensive ‘premium’ section at the top which is covered, offering protection from the elements and better views. Grandstands in Australia are not raised high off the ground, so try and get a seat in a higher row and your view won’t be obscured by the safety fencing.

Most fans agree that the best grandstands are located on the first corner. We prefer the Brabham Grandstand on the inside of the circuit, but Jones – on the outside – is also a solid choice. Of the cheaper grandstands, the Schumacher grandstand on the Senna curve at the end of the lap is good value.


Webber is located at the start of the main straight, between the last corner and opposite the pits area of the V8 supercars. It offers a view of the final corner and start of the pit straight, but without pit, grid, or start views.


Perhaps the pick of the grandstands in the cheapest price bracket, Schumacher is located between turns 15 and 16 and adjacent to the pit entrance.


The popular Waite grandstand, located on the East side of the Albert Lake next to turn 12 also offers a great view of high-speed turns 11 & 12. There are often thrills and spills at these corners. The Kids Area and food and entertainment options are close by.


Also on the Eastern side of the lake, the Clark Grandstand offers views of turn 9 and turn 10. Expect lots of on-track action, particularly in V8 supercars. On the downside, you are a long way from the off-track action on the other side of the circuit.


The Senna grandstand is situated on the main straight, close to the final corner with views of the pit entrance and support pits. Cheaper than the adjacent Prost grandstand (which is closer to the corner), but still a good choice for a budget grandstand.


Moss is located at the end of the main straight, before the first corner and adjacent to the more expensive Jones grandstand, which has a better view of the corner. Tickets are cheaper in 2016 however, so it’s worth considering.


Fangio is located on the start/finish straight opposite the F1 pits. Despite offering little chance of on-track thrills, Fangio does offer a ring side seat for the build up and start of the race, as well as the finish and podium celebrations.


Adjacent to the Schumacher grandstand, but higher priced due to the better view of both turns 15 and 16, the pit entry and a view of the cars going down the main straight.


Brabham offers similar views to the Jones stand (turns 1 & 2), but is located on the inside of the track, so also offers a view down to turn 3. Unlike Jones, Brabham has the sun behind it for most of the day, a definite positive. The best views are from the higher rows on the right side.


The Jones stand is situated on the outside of the track at the end of the pit straight and offers views of the pit straight and first corner, a great place to watch the start of the race and lots of passing maneuvers. Best views in Jones are from seats higher in the stand. A downside to Jones is that it faces the sun for most of the day.

Ricciardo Premium

One of only two grandstands located on the inside of the track (the other being Brabham), the World Champion Grandstand is located on turn 4 and offers views of turns 3-5. The stand is all covered and has its own dedicated catering and bar facilities.

Piquet Premium

Situated on turn 3 with a great view of the cars approaching this low-speed corner and also a view of turn 4. The all premium Piquet stand is covered and has its own dedicated bars and catering facilities located directly behind the stand.

3 Champions Grandstand Packages

The 3 Champions offers,  in which you sit in a different grandstand on each day of the weekend, are probably best suited to the first time fan who is not familiar with the track and wants to sample a variety of vantage points over the weekend. The packages are named after the stand where you will be sitting on race day:

  • Brabham 3 Champions: Friday = Jones / Saturday = Fangio / Sunday = Brabham
  • Fangio 3 Champions: Friday = Brabham / Saturday = Jones / Sunday = Fangio
  • Jones 3 Champions: Friday = Fangio / Saturday = Brabham / Sunday = Jones

General Admission Tickets

The cheapest race tickets provide access to the circuit but not a reserved seat. If you are on a budget and prepared to cover plenty of ground on foot over the weekend, General Admission is the way to go. Despite having no elevation, Australia has a deserved reputation for offering some of the best general admission viewing areas of any race on the current calendar. Getting around the track is relatively easy and new general admission features have been added over the years to provide a better spectator experience for fans, including grassy viewing mounds and raised concrete viewing platforms.

You can get very close to the cars at several points around the track, though your views will be obscured by the catch fencing. Large viewing screens designed for Grandstand ticket holders can be viewed by general admission fans at various parts of the circuit, including near turns 2, 9, 11 and 12. The best general admission vantage points get very busy on Saturday and Sunday, particularly ahead of qualifying and the race, so if you are determined to watch the action from a particular spot, get there early. If you only have a day, consider going on Friday. There are two F1 practice sessions and the circuit is considerably less crowded than on the weekend. We’ve provided more details on the best General Admission spots below.

Turn 3

Although a little cramped and without elevation, turn 3 is a slow speed corner which allows fans to get very close to the cars (both on the inside and outside of the corner.) There are a few spots with gaps in the safety fencing providing opportunities for amateur photographers and trees provide cover from the sun.

Turns 6 & 7

You can get very close to the cars on the inside of Turn 6 and then see them across the lake as far as Turns 9 and 10. This area doesn’t get so congested, even for the race, so it’s a good option if you want to escape the crowds, but it is a long walk from the other parts of the track.

Turns 9 &10

Adjacent to the Clark Grandstand, this is a great spot to watch the cars approaching turn 9 and 10, where there is always lots of action in all racing categories over the weekend. You can also see the video screen for the Clark Grandstand and there are food and drink options close by.

Turns 11 & 12

This large viewing mound with a viewing screen – also known as Brocky’s Hill –  is directly beside the Waite grandstand and provides a great opportunity to see the cars coming down the back straight and going into the high speed turns 11 & 12. This area is very popular, so get there early on race day to reserve your space.

Paddock Club & Corporate Suites

The majority of premium tickets are purchased by large companies and sponsors for their employees and guests. If you are not lucky enough to get an invite, you can buy a range of premium tickets in Australia. The paddock club is the most expensive (at close to $5000 AUD for the weekend) and is located directly above the pits with full catering, pitlane walks and the chance to rub shoulders with the rich and famous. Cheaper options with full catering and an open bar are also available. Click here to buy paddock club and corporate suite tickets.

Been to Albert Park for the Australian Grand Prix? Leave a comment below and tell us where you like to watch the action.

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