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The best ways to get to Milan for the Italian Grand Prix plus advice on getting to the Monza circuit. The next race is on September 1-3, 2017.

It’s not hard to get to Milan for the Italian Grand Prix; the city is well connected by air, road and rail with the rest of Europe and beyond. The race itself takes place at Monza Park, around 16km (10 miles) north of Milan’s city center. The best way to get to the circuit is by train, from both Milan and nearby cities such as Bergamo. Driving is also worth considering, but the local traffic can get pretty bad on race weekend.

Milan Airports

  • Malpensa (MXP), located 40km northwest of Milan’s city centre, is the city’s largest and busiest airport, serving a range of both flag carrier and discount airlines flying to both short-haul and long-haul destinations. Regular direct flights connect MXP with global hubs in the USA, the Middle-East and Asia. The airport is also a major hub for European low-cost carrier Easyjet.
  • Linate (LIN) is just 8km to the southeast of the city centre and is mainly used for domestic and short-haul European flights. It is a major hub for the Italian national carrier Alitalia, which serves both domestic and European cities from LIN.
  • Bergamo Orio Al Serio (BGY) is located 45km to the east of Milan and provides good access to Monza. It’s a major hub for discount airline Ryanair, which flies regularly to Bergamo from 50 European destinations.

Drive to Milan

Italy has a good motorway network, but the tolls can get quite expensive. There is no set fee as different companies operate different sections – sometimes you pay a set fee for a particular section, othertimes a rate per km. As a guide, expect to pay around 8-10 per 100km. The tolls themselves can take a bit of getting used to – just be sure to take the white lane/s to pay with cash or a credit card. When you enter the motorway you will take a ticket and then pay as you leave – apart from large ones, the majority of the toll exits are automated, but an English option is available and it’s not too difficult to work out. Hiring a car is a good choice in Italy, especially if you’ve got some extra time to explore.

Trains to Milan

Milan’s Central Train Station is a beautiful old building in the city centre on the Piazza Duca d’Aosta. The Italian train network is well developed and is served by ‘Le Frecce’ high-speed trains. Milan also connects with a range of cities in neighboring European countries including France, Spain, Austria and Germany. International high-speed (and night) trains generally need to be booked in advance and offer limited allocations for Eurail pass holders. Here are some popular domestic routes with the approximate journey time via high-speed train: Rome-Milan (3 hours), Florence-Milan (2 hours) and Venice-Milan (2 hours 25 minutes). Learn more on Seat61 and book here.

How to get to Monza

The best way to get to Monza on Grand Prix weekend is to take one of the regular trains from the large stations in central Milan to Monza railway station, then a shuttle bus to the circuit. The downside is that this involves a lot of walking; 20-30 minutes from the shuttle drop-off points to the circuit entrances, plus anywhere from 10-40 minutes to get to your seat inside the circuit. A taxi (or Uber) from central Milan should set you back around 40-60, but there’s a chance you will get held up in traffic on the small local roads next to the circuit. Driving is another option, though be aware that the local streets around Monza are closed to general traffic on race weekend, and you’ll be directed to one of the many car parks around the outside of Monza park.

Trains to Monza station

  • Trains depart from Milano Centrale, Milano Porto Garibaldi and Sesto San Giovanni train stations for Stazione di Monza on each day of the weekend. The trip only takes around 20-30 minutes and trains run fairly frequently, at least every 15 minutes. Tickets cost around €2 each way.
  • From Milano Central: look for trains headed to Lecco, Tirano or Chiasso.
  • From Milano Porto Garibaldi: look for trains headed to Lecco, Bergamo, Chiasso, Molteno or Chiavenna.
  • When you arrive at Monza train station, black-line shuttle buses are on hand to take you to the circuit for €4 return per day. You will get dropped off around 20 minutes walk from the eastern Vedano entrance gate to the circuit, close to the Parabolica.
  • The queues to get the train from the circuit back to Milan on the weekend can be long and disorganized. It can be a good idea to stay at the circuit a little longer and avoid the peak crowds. You should also exercise caution with your belongings, as pickpockets are active and love big crowds. Don’t forget to validate your train ticket when you get on, otherwise you will be liable for a small fine.

Trains to Biassono-Lesmo (race day only)

  • On race day only, trains depart Milan Centrale station regularly for the Biassono-Lesmo station, which is located at the northeast corner of the circuit, closest to the Lesmo bends. This is a good option if you are sitting at on Seconda Variante (grandstands 9, 10) or Variante Ascari (grandstands 12-20), otherwise it will be a very long walk and you are better off taking a train to Monza station.
  • Trains depart on Sunday from Milan Centrale (platforms 6-7) every half an hour from 07:00 till 12:30, and the trip takes around 25 minutes. A return journey costs just €4.
  • Here are the return times from Biassano-Lesmo on race day: 15:40, 15:59, 16:14, 16:29, 16:48, 17:16, 17:46, 18:15. 18:45. (Trains stop at Monza Centro Città and Milan Centrale).
  • More information on Trenitalia.

Monza Buses

You can also get to the circuit via the Z221 bus from Sesto San Giovanni train station in the north of Milan (next to Sesto 1º Maggio station on metro line 1). Stay on the bus when it passes Monza railway station; it goes further and you can get off closer to the circuit at Biassono (the S. Maria delle Selve entrance gate). Local buses also go past Monza park. The 204 bus travels from Monza Corso Milano (near Monza Railway Station) and goes to Vedano al Lambro (the Vedano entrance gate). Bus tickets valid for one hour cost €1.60.

Drive Yourself / Parking

It’s relatively easy to get to Monza on race weekend via the local network of motorways, but make sure you have a GPS with up-to-date maps. You won’t be able to drive on roads close to the circuit itself on race weekend due to traffic restrictions, but there are plenty of parking areas dotted around Monza park. Most carparks cost between €15-20 per day on race weekend and are serviced by shuttle buses which will take you to the circuit entrance. If you have already paid for parking (and have your receipt) then you won’t have to pay the €4 fee for the shuttle bus.

Shuttle buses from the train station and parking to the circuit

Three shuttle bus lines service the circuit. The Black line runs from the Monza railway station to the circuit, the Blue line serves carparks to the north and east of the circuit, and the Green line serves carparks to the south and east. If you are parking near Biassono (to the west) then you need to walk to the circuit. Check the maps for the exact routes. Do not leave any items of value in your car when parking near Monza, as thieves do target vehicles on Grand Prix weekend. If you have hired a car, make sure you’ve purchased the most comprehensive insurance

Public Transport in Milan

Milan has an excellent public transport system. The metro has four underground lines and trains run from 6am to midnight. Tickets cost just 1€ per trip or you can buy a ticket valid for one day (€3.50) or two days (€5) which is also valid for trams and buses in the metro area (but not for the trains to the circuit). More information is on the ATM website.

More information

Click Here for detailed information on arriving and departing Milan, including how to get from Milan’s three airports (Malpensa, Linata, Orio al Serio) to the city center. Further advice about getting around in Milan can be found here, including the lowdown on taking taxis as well as information about the city’s bike sharing scheme.

Have you been to Monza on Grand Prix weekend? Leave a comment with your tips on getting to the circuit!

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  1. Martin says:

    The info on Shuttles / walking times was very informative. If we have a voucher and need to pick up tickets, which Entrance do we need to go to on the map for this.

  2. Rob herbstman says:

    We are sitting in GS 8 and planning on traveling from Milan by train. Still can’t figure out which approach is best. To Monza and shuttle bus, or too Biassano and walk to prima variante

    • Editor says:

      Tough decision! Both involve a lot of walking. I only did the Monza/shuttle method, which I can recommend. It was well signposted and easy to follow. The Biassono method is less popular and you’ll be doing more walking in the forest.

  3. Mike says:

    I am going here for the weekend. Couple of questions if you can help. What time is the pitlane walk open and close on Thursday? Also got seats on grandstand 6c. Take it monza station would be easier to use, thanks in advance.

  4. Matt says:

    also going to the Grand Prix on Sunday. We have General Admission tickets and thought about driving by car to Monza as we need to leave Milan in the evening anyways and I heard about the struggle catching a train/bus back to the city after the race.

    Can you recommend any car parks in particular that are best suited if I have General Admission tickets. Also, are the car parks under surveillance? Thanks for your help!

    • Editor says:

      I would still take the train. I think it will still be quicker than getting out in a car after the race. The local traffic was very bad all weekend. If you do drive, you will probably not have a lot of choice in where you park, depending on how you arrive at the circuit. Don’t leave anything of value in the car!

  5. Lozano says:

    We got seats on 30a, our Hotel is in Bergamo, what aproach do you recomend? we are thinking in use our car.

  6. Naser says:

    Is there any ticket kiosk in milan or monza?

  7. Oliver Card says:

    This is a really useful website – very informative! We’re heading to Monza this year and very excited. Does anyone know if the race day train service stops at Sesto San Giovanni station en route from Milan Centrale?

    We are staying in the Holiday Inn Milan Zara Nord ( and I’m trying to work out the best way to get there over the 3 days. Our seats are in grandstand 26C.


    • Editor says:

      Hi Oliver, thanks for the compliment. Monza is amazing and I am sure you will have a great weekend. Yes, trains do stop at Sesto San Giovanni en route from Milan Centrale to Monza. There are also buses, and I think the Z221 bus stops right near your hotel and goes to Monza. It will save you having to walk back to Sesto San Giovanni. You are very close to Monza, so you could also take a taxi if you are in a hurry. The benefit of a taxi is that you can get dropped off closer to the circuit. The public transport options all involve a pretty long walk, even if you take the shuttle from Monza station to the circuit.

      • Oliver Card says:

        Thanks for the quick response! I was looking at the Z221 option, but when I Googled the route, it seems to split the route in Monza town centre, is this right? Will we have to get 2 different buses, both called Z221? We aren’t in a hurry on the day, but conscious of limiting the amount of walking for our particular group of 4. Will look at taxis as well to help with this, but is this a bad/expensive idea on race-day (because of heavy traffic, etc)?

  8. Anthony Mays says:

    Morning, we are staying right near Bruzzano station. If we get the Milan travel card can we use it all weekend to get to and from the circuit?

  9. Yazan says:

    Hey oliver, i was wondering when is the best time to leave the hotel on race day to watch the f1, i mean whats the latest time to arrive?
    I am coming from an international flight at 10 am race day and i need to check in at hotel, will i still have time to reach the circuit?

  10. Nick says:


    I’ve bought tickets through and have been told due to printing delays we may have to collect our tickets from the circuit. If this is the case does anyone know where this is likely to be? A heads up before the day would be really useful, many thanks

    • Editor says:

      Hi Nick, I am 90% sure that the tickets booth will be at the main circuit entrance gate (Gate A), which is close to the exit of Parabolica. Here’s the exact location to put into google maps: 45.610085, 9.278663

      • Matthew Williams says:

        Just confirming what Andrew has said. We purchased through and picked up the tickets this morning at Gate A. Just be aware we got the run around asking a few of the staff where to go but if you head to Gate A then you should be able to get someone to point it out. See you at the track!

  11. Nick says:

    Thank you that’s a great help, I really appreciate it. I can’t believe it’s 2 weeks before the event and they haven’t been shipped, utter rubbish. Thank you again

    • Gabi says:

      Hi Nick. We’re in the same boat. Ordered our tickets way back and found out today that they won’t ship in time, so we are stuck having to pick them up there. Very disappointing, but excited for the race!!

  12. Jacky says:

    Hi Andrew, I see on the Monza website that Trenord tickets can be purchased online in advance. However the Trenord website requires registration which seems impossible from UK address. Any advice ?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Jacky, I’ve checked that Trenord offer from the Monzanet website, but it seems rather user UN-friendly. The registration in English doesn’t even work! Sorry, but I guess you will have to buy when you arrive. Good luck with it!

  13. Sue says:

    Really useful information, thanks. I’m coming from Bergamo
    Can you walk around the circuit on the Saturday, like you can at Silverstone?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Sue, I think the only time you can walk around the circuit itself is after the race finishes on Sunday. You’ll have to do with walking around the beautiful Monza park before this! Enjoy the race

    • les edwards says:

      Hi I’m staying in bergamo this year for the f1 gp I have 3 kids and wife with me can you recommend the best way th get to the track.

  14. Ewelina says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Thank you for all of the good tips :) really helpful!
    We have 3 days ticket to Paddock Club and trying to understand what is the best time to get to the circuit. Timetable opens at 8.45 on Friday, do you think it is wise to come even before that? and when you were at Monza Grand Prix was it possible to get a taxi to and from there?
    Appreciate your reply :)

  15. Geoff Dunning says:

    Hi, this Destination Guide is fantastic! Four of us are off to Milan for the first time on 1st September, staying at LaGare Hotel, close to Stazione Centrale. We’re going to the circuit on Saturday and Sunday and any specific advice about access to the circuit would be welcome. Our seats are in Stand 8A – looking forward to the race start!

  16. Zoe says:

    We are in stand 5 Piscini and we have our car. So looking at the map can we drive to a car park on S.Maria area? Or will it be for campers only? Only going on Sunday.

  17. Joan says:

    We are coming to Monza for the first time and mixing with a holiday at Como. Seems to be a train direct from Como then hoping for shuttle buses. Have 3 day GA tickets and like to wander around circuits. We don’t always stay to the end of a GP because of the hoards of crowds but do think Monza will be special at the end. Can we expect ridiculous queues for shuttles and trains afterwards though ?

  18. josesito says:

    Hi, the weekend is coming and ansious I wait. Wondering how to get to the circuit on Thursday? since the shuttle bus says that works over fri-sat-sun?
    Any help on how to get to the gates A-B-F for thursday?

    • Editor says:

      Hello, your best bet on Thursday is to take the local bus (Z221) and stay on after Monza railway station. You will still have to work, but that’s the best option I think. Of you could take a taxi from Monza railway station if you are in a hurry and don’t want to walk so far.

  19. Ryan says:

    This is so helpful, thank you. Headed to the race this weekend and this makes planning much easier. Any thoughts on time of arrival for General Admission tickets? Would love to get a seat on a bleacher somewhere but dont know which spots have bleachers and which have just grass?

    Thanks again!

    • Editor says:

      Hi Ryan. You don’t need to arrive that early on Friday and Saturday, as there is less people on these days (say 9-10am?). Try and get there earlier on Sunday though. Hopefully you will have found a spot you like already and you should try and reserve that for the race! There’s bleachers around all over the track – I liked the ones on the inside of Parabolica the most. Good luck and enjoy the atmosphere of Monza!

  20. Michelle says:

    Dear Andrew

    Just returned from Italy this week.
    I would like to say a big thank you for all the wonderful info. I studied your Italian Guide so I was prepared for everything including the metro, trains and walk to circuit. We also found the local shops inside Milano Centrale selling the combined train and bus for 8 euros each day. I just wish the train companies would put more trains on!! Thanks again!

  21. Graeme Hedges says:

    Hi there,
    Great website – love it.
    Quick question, or more of a recommendation. I’m coming from Adelaide, Australia and am looking forward to going to Monza for tas they may not be the most expensivehe 1st time. Question is, I know that the more expensive tickets are usually the most popular or best seats, but i am wondering from your opinion, which seating would give the best viewing of the track please ?
    And also your opinion on the best value for money as well please?
    Thanks mate
    Graeme H

    • Editor says:

      Hi Graeme, you will have an amazing time at Monza. I’m planning to go back this year, I love this place. I’ll probably just be getting General Admission tickets, I don’t like being tied down to a seat. Last time I went for the main straight bleachers, which are excellent value for money and great for the start/finish of the race and pits action, but unfortunately they are already sold out this year. Other good grandstands are 8a on the first corner, the Ascari grandstands, as well as those on approach to Parabolica, such as 21A – the last is best value for money in my opinion. Cheers, Andy

  22. Adam says:

    Hi there, this is guide is really helpful and really easy to understand. I’ll be driving to Monza from Milan for the first time this year. My questions are 1) do you have to pre-book the park and ride before you arrive? 2) With local roads closed is there sufficient signage and guidance to find your way or does it need extensive planning?

    Thanks for any replies

    • Editor says:

      Hi Adam, you don’t have to pre-book the park and ride. There’s plenty of signs. Remember also that some roads are closed, so you can’t always trust your GPS. Click here for more information; it’s from 2016, but it should be very similar this year.

  23. Karen L says:

    Hello, some advice please. We are going to Monza, staying in Como near the San Giovanni train station. Our GP tickets are in Ascari 13. Are we okay to get the train from Como to Monza, or are there better options? Also, just looking on an EU train booking app it says the trains are all sold out for the GP weekend. I’m hoping that is just pre-purchase and we can still get them on the day? Any advice much appreciated.

  24. joanna Walker says:

    hi we are coming to monza this year and driving from the uk. does anyone have any recommendations on routs or places to stay along the way?? thanks Jo

    • Editor says:

      Hi Jo, sounds like a cool trip. I’ve never driven from the UK, but have driven in this part of Europe, there’s always something to see. It looks like driving through some mountain passes in Switzerland is a popular choice for getting to Monza from the UK (read more here). Alternatively you could come more Westerly via Paris and Geneva.

  25. Dylan says:

    Hi there, this year I will visit the formula 1 in Monza :-). I stay in Bergamo, does anyone know if there is a direct rail connection between Bergamo and Monza ? I have a tickets for 26C, what’s the best way to travel there ?


    Hello, I will visit monza for the 2017 Grand Prix and I would like to ask if the transport info are still valid. Because in monzanet they claim that there isn’t any free train on Sunday, neither the shuttle buses from monza station are free but they need 5 euro for a two-way trip. Do you have any update regarding transportation? Thank you very much

  27. Harry says:

    Hi there! Great website, many thanks for all the usefull information. I have tickets to the Ascari stand and was wondering if I can enter any of the entrances to get there?

    Looks like Entrance E is the best Entrance to get by Car (walking from a parkingspot) but is it possible to get to Ascari (12) stand via Entrance E , is there a tunnel or bridge over the circuit for example? or do you suggest another entrance :)

    thanks in advance!

    • Editor says:

      Yes, you can use any entrance to get in. Depends where you park, but Gate E is convenient. There are both overpasses and underpasses to get around inside the circuit, don’t worry!

      • Harry says:

        Sounds good! What will be the best parking spot to get to entrance E? any suggestions?

        • Editor says:

          Hi Harry, check the maps we just uploaded to this page. Your best bet is to park in one of the parks near the big “P” (Zona Parcheggi Comune di Monza). From there you can take the Blue shuttle bus, which will drop you off at Ingresso (Gate) G. From there, I estimate around a 15-20 minute walk to Ascari. Hope that helps!

  28. Toni says:

    Hi there,
    love this site…it’s so useful.

    I was just wondering how much “up to date” this info is?
    If it’s not when are you planing to update it?

  29. Craig Pearson says:

    Hi Andrew,
    Looking forward to the GP – I’ve purchased four general admission tickets for the family for race day via They tell me that the tickets will not be sent to my home address in Melbourne before we leave to head to Italy (18 August).🤔
    Have you any ideas as to how I can get the tickets sooner or when we arrive in Milan 02 Sept.
    Thanks for such a great resource as this website 👍

    • Editor says:

      Hi Craig, please contact Gootickets. They offer an option to collect your tickets in person at the track: they have a booth near the main entrance.

  30. Renato Lins says:

    Hi, i will arrive at the Milan AirPort (MPX) at 09:45. Do You think that i would have enough time to get to the circuit? What is the Best option departuring from the AirPort?
    Thank You

  31. Soren Jensen says:


    we are 6 guys attending the race..:) we will arrive in Maipensa and departure from Bergamno.

    what would you recomend for or… we are stsying in a hotel in Milano.

    Br. Søren

    • Editor says:

      Apparently Uber is not such a good option in Milan, so I recommend you go with taxis (from airport etc) and then public transport (or taxis again!) to the track: you could ask your hotel about a minibus/van option to take all of you: it will work out pretty cheap when split 6 ways! and make sure you organize in advance to get picked up at the track at the end of the day.

  32. Renato Lins says:

    Hi, i will arrive at the Milan AirPort (MPX) at 09:45. Do You think that i would have enough time to get to the circuit for the race (14:00). What is the Best option departuring from the AirPort?
    Thank You

  33. Martin Jones says:

    Hi, many thanks for the great tips. My brother and I are staying near the Centrale Statione in Milan, and I wondered what the best directions would be to the stand number 5 on the curcuit? Many thanks, Martin

    • Editor says:

      Hi Martin, take the train from Centrale to Monza railway station, then hop on the Black line shuttle to the circuit. After you get off the shuttle, you’ll still have a 30-40 minute walk to your grandstand. Alternatively, you could get one of the paid local buses (nr 221) from Monza railway station to get you a little closer to the track and save your legs.

  34. Toni says:

    How much can i “trust” google maps for getting around from Milano to Monza?
    Are those metro/bus lines correct?


  35. Kaare Christensen says:

    We are staying in Osio Sotto for the raceweekend. Can you tell how long time it takes to go to Monza racetrack by car?
    Wich parkinglot/entrance should we use, when we have seats at parabolica 23a?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Kaare, Google Maps says it will take around 40 mins on the motorway, but let’s say around 1 hour. Same advice I gave to Harry in my last reply for the best parking. Take the Blue shuttle bus and you will be close to Parabolica.

  36. Sebastiaan Vermeulen says:


    we have got tickets for Variante Ascari. Which parking spot is the best for our car?

    Thanks in advance!

  37. David Smith says:


    We are staying in Milan and want to get to the track as early as possible. We are sitting at 8A First Variante. I would like to take the train from Milano Centrale to the Biassono Lesmo stop. I notice the train schedule has the earliest departure at 8:55 am.GP 3 is on the track at 9:00am, will I have to take the train and shuttle from Garibaldi instead for an early arrival?

    • Editor says:

      Hi David, firstly the trains to Biassono Lesmo only run on race day. Second, it will be a long walk from the stop to your seats (at least 30-40 mins I think). I would take the train to Monza station and then hop on the local 221 bus (not the shuttle) to get you very close to entrance B and the 8a grandstand. Good luck!

  38. Nathaniel chrobok says:

    Hi where would you recommend to stand for general admission

    • Editor says:

      Hi Nathaniel, I recommend you wander the circuit to find the best areas on Saturday to decide on the spot you like best for the race. Definitely check out the Lesmo area at the top of the circuit. Also inside the Parabolica is good, with lots of small grandstand structures. More info in our Tickets guide.

  39. Lieve says:

    My friend and I will visit Milan for the very first time next weekend. We will arrive thursday and we want to go to the race on saturday and sunday. We got tickets for Ascari 16 and we are coming from Milan Central.
    First we were thinking about hire a car… do you think its better to travel from milan central to monza central and take the shuttle bus or would you go for a car/recommend another trainstation?
    Hope to hear from you soon, thanks anyway for the usefull information on this website!
    Kind regards, Lieve

  40. Paul says:

    Hi All,

    We will visit the race on Sunday and stay in Bergamo. We are sitting at 26C. What is the best way to travel by train ? Option 1) take the train from Bergamo to Monza station ore 2)take the train from Bergamo to Biassono-Lesmo Parco. Which entrance should we use at the circuit ?

    Many thanks in advance :-)

  41. Jess says:

    Afternoon, We are going to the Grand prix this year and staying near Malpensa Airport, what is the best way to get to and from the circuit?

    Thank you


    • Editor says:

      Hi Jess, quickest would be by car in around 1 hour, but I understand not everyone wants to hire one in an unfamiliar country! Second best option is to take the train, but that will take close to 2 hours. Get the airport train from Malpensa to Milano Porto Garibaldi, then a second train from there to Monza (or Biassono on Sunday).

  42. Jan D says:

    Hi Andrew, what a great resource you have put together. Very useful!

    We are a group of 4 and have tickets to 8a Esterna Prima Variante A.

    We are flying into Linate on Friday and are departing Sunday 19:15. We have rented a car for the weekend and have an hotel for Friday and Saturday night in center of Milan.

    We looked into options of renting bicycles at a place to the South of the park (Cascina Bastia) close to a parking garage to save time at the end of the day with little time to make it to Linate for our 19:15 flight. Is that a good idea?

    Any other suggestions for entry gates, journeys to/from and planning of the race-day?

    Many thanks!

    • Editor says:

      Thanks Jan! Your flight is a bit too early on Sunday night, but I guess you know that already. I really couldn’t comment on your bicycle plan. It’s more about the traffic leaving the area after the race that is unpredictable. Have you considered leaving the car in the center on Sunday and taking the train to the circuit? If you don’t hang around too long after the race, it may be quicker to get back into the city, then you will have no problems with traffic (in theory). As for other tips, I recommend you visit Ostello Costa Alta, which is really close to your grandstand. They hire bikes that you can ride around inside the circuit, and also do food and drink. More advice in our Trackside guide.

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