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The best ways to get to Spa Francorchamps for the Belgian Formula 1 Grand Prix. The next race is on August 25-27, 2017.

Spa Francorchamps is one of the few tracks on the current F1 calendar with a true countryside location, some distance from the closest major cities. Driving is probably the most convenient way to get to the circuit, but trains and buses are also available.

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Flights to Spa

The Spa Francorchamps circuit is close to several airports serving a range of destinations, mainly in Europe but also as far afield as the Middle East, Asia and the USA:

  • Maastricht Aachen Airport (MST), 80km from the circuit: limited seasonal connections to Alicante, Barcelona and Bari.
  • Luxembourg Airport (LUX), 110km south of Spa: Luxair, the flag carrier of Luxembourg, flies to 20+ destinations in Europe. In addition, there are flights with British Airways (to London Heathrow), Easyjet (4 routes), KLM (to Amsterdam), TAP (to Lisbon) and more.
  • Cologne Bonn Airport (CGN), 140km east of Spa: large number of connections, mainly with discount carriers. Airlines serving the airport include Germanwings (40+ routes), Air Berlin (17 routes), Ryanair (19 routes, including to the UK & Ireland) and Wizz Air (6 Eastern Europe routes)
  • Brussels Airport (BRU), 140km west of Spa: a major international airport serving most European routes, plus destinations as far afield as the Middle East, Asia and the USA.
  • Brussels South Charleroi Airport (CRL), 140km west of Spa: an important hub for Ryanair, which flies 50+ routes from all over Europe to CRL. Wizz Air also serves the airport with around 10 routes to Eastern Europe.
  • Dusseldorf Airport (DUS): 155km east the circuit: a major international airport serving most European routes, plus destinations as far afield as the Middle East

If you want a better selection of flights and don’t mind a longer drive to the circuit, it’s also worth considering Dortmund Airport (225km north east of Spa), Amsterdam Schipol Airport (285 km north of Spa), Frankfurt Airport (300km east of Spa) or even Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (400km west of Spa).

Getting to Spa Francorchamps by train & shuttle bus

If you choose to stay in one of the larger regional cities (Aachen, Brussels, etc) and take the train to the circuit each day, you’ll need to a ticket for Verviers Central station, the closest major train station to Spa Francorchamps. Shuttle buses from Verviers to Spa (bus 294 or 395) run regularly on race weekend with a journey time of 45 mins. Trains from Luxembourg stop at the Trois Ponts station, from where you can take the 294 bus to the circuit (40 minutes travel time). Click here for more information on getting the train/shuttle bus to Spa.

Sample train travel times (not including 40-45 minute shuttle bus):

  • Liege (BE) to Verviers : 20-30 mins
  • Brussels (BE) to Verviers: 75-120 mins
  • Charleroi (BE) to Verviers: 100-160 mins
  • Maastricht (NL) to Verviers: 70-75 mins
  • Cologne (DE) to Verviers: 80-105 mins
  • Luxembourg (LU) to Trois-Ponts: 90 mins.

Driving to Spa Francorchamps

The easiest way to get to Spa is by car. The circuit is close to the E42 motorway, which connects to a network of other major roads and big cities in the region. Make sure you have GPS or navigation on your smart phone and you will find the circuit easily. There’s also plenty of signposting, especially on the small country lanes once you have left the motorway. Don’t forget that you also need to buy a parking sticker for one of three main carparks next to the circuit. Remember that  the traffic will get progressively worse as the weekend progresses.  Don’t be in a hurry to leave the circuit at the end of the day, for example. Thousands of British fans make the pilgrimage to Spa each year in their cars. The closest ferry is from Dover to Dunkirk, which costs around 90 including two adults and a car on Grand Prix weekend (with DFDS). More information:

  • Click here to download/print the parking map. We recommend the Yellow area close to the Ster entrance for 20 per day.
  • Click here for detailed instructions on driving to Spa from the closest European cities.
  • Click here for a circuit map with local roads and motorway access.
  • Click here for a Belgian motorway map

Free buses for Sunday-only ticketholders

If you have purchased special Sunday-only tickets, then you are entitled to FREE bus travel on race day to/from the following regional cities: Brussels, Charleroi, Namur, Wommelgem, Brugge, Leuven, Gentbrugge, Mons, Maastricht, Liege, Aachen and Luxembourg. Click here for more details, including departure times and meeting points in each city.

Any tips on getting to Spa? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Jan Loejmand says:

    Dear Andrew, we are father and son going to the Belgium Formula One, our first race ever. We will arrive by plane and land in Dusseldorf, hotel in Aachen.

    However we still need to plan the transfer after the race in Spa to the Airport in Dusseldorf on Sunday. I would like to book a taxi which could collect us after the race and drive us directly to the airport.

    Please do you know which companies which we could contact to book this transfer ?

    Thanks in advance

    Best Regards


  2. Sharon says:


    we are coming to the F1 next month and camping there, we are bringing our bikes is there a path we can ride around the outside of the track and stop at different points.

    Thank you

    • Editor says:

      Hi Sharon, there isn’t a specific path around the outside of the circuit, but you will discover plenty of local lanes and roads to explore. It’s also worth reading up on the Ravel network of bike paths in the region.

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