Budget Planner – 2017 Russian Grand Prix

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Use our budget planner to work out how much a weekend at the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Sochi will cost you. The next race is on April 28-30, 2017.

The recent weakness of the Russian rouble is great for travelling F1 fans, making Sochi one of the cheapest destinations on the current calendar. The only hitch is that it is difficult and expensive for most international fans from outside the immediate region to get flights to the race.

Average costs below are based on a stay of 3 nights in Sochi with race ticket, accommodation and spending money. The price do not include air travel (or other travel costs) required to reach Sochi.

Cheap Charlie

  • Weekend cost approx 11750 RUB ($205 USD)

  • General admission ticket = $85 USD
  • Hostel accommodation for 3 nights: $30 USD
  • Spending money ($30 x 3) = $90 USD

The Cheap Charlie takes their own food and drink to the race, doesn’t drink alcohol trackside and either makes their own food away from the track or eats at budget restaurants such as McDonald’s. If possible, the Cheap Charlie will look to eliminate the cost of accommodation altogether and either stay with friends or use couchsurfing.


Average Joe

  • Weekend cost approx 28,000 RUB ($490 USD)

  • Mid-range grandstand ticket (T3) = $190 USD
  • Mid-range hotel for 3 nights (double/twin share, per person) = $120 USD
  • Daily budget ($60 x 3) = $180 USD

Average Joe buys food and drink trackside, can afford a reasonably priced restaurant meal at night and even a few beers at the pub. Joe’s budget doesn’t stretch to anything more than the cheapest of the merchandise items on sale at the track.

Extravagant Eddie

  • Weekend cost approx 70,000 RUB ($1215 USD)

  • Premium grandstand ticket (Main Level 4 Center) = $465 USD
  • Four star hotel for 3 nights (double/twin share, per person) = $300
  • Daily budget ($150 x 3) = $450 USD

The Extravagant Eddie will eat and drink well at the track and can afford a decent restaurant meal and perhaps some clubbing. Eddie will take taxis rather than public transport and can afford to purchase a few team merchandise items at the track.

Click here for a breakdown of the average daily cost of travel in Russia. Leave a comment and tell us your money saving tips for Sochi or Russia!

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