Budget Planner – 2017 Monaco Grand Prix

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Plan the cost of your trip to the Monaco Grand Prix with our budget planner. The next race is on May 25-28, 2017.

A trip to the Monaco F1 Grand Prix is not only for the rich & famous. It is possible to spend a weekend at F1’s most iconic race on a budget, though to really get the most out of your experience, you’ll probably end up spending a lot more at Monaco than at other races on the current calendar. The bad news is that ticket prices are higher by around 10-20% for 2017.

Average costs below are per person based on a stay of 3 nights with race tickets, accommodation and spending money. The prices do not include flights (or other travel costs) required to reach Monaco.

Cheap Charlie

  • Estimated weekend cost = €448 ($475 USD)
  • Grandstand on Thursday = €69
  • Rocher General Admission ticket (Sat + Sun) = €139
  • Hostel bed in Nice; €30 per night  x 3 = €90
  • Daily budget: €50 x 3 = €150

The Cheap Charlie - Explained

The Cheap Charlie stays in a hostel, buys the cheapest weekend ticket (General Admission),  takes their own food and drink to the race, doesn’t drink alcohol trackside and either makes their own food away from the track or eats at budget restaurants such as McDonalds. If possible, the Cheap Charlie will look to eliminate the cost of accommodation altogether and either stay with friends or couchsurf.


Buy Monaco Grand Prix tickets

Best prices!
Half the weekend?
If your budget is really limited, and you don’t fancy the idea of battling for a weekend spot on Rocher Hill, then consider doing what we did last year and going for just half the weekend. Remember that all the first practice sessions at Monaco happen on the Thursday and grandstand tickets are all reasonably priced, from €60-70. Entry on Friday is free and whilst there is no F1 action, you will get the chance to see a GP2 feature race – all grandstands are open on Friday, but the best ones do get filled up. The circuit gets opened in the early afternoon so you can do the track walk and there is also the fan’s pitlane walk, giving you the chance to get an autograph or two. Click here to read about our ‘half a weekend’ experience at Monaco in 2014.

Average Joe

  • Estimated weekend cost = €1152 ($1223 USD)
  • Thursday grandstand = €69
  • Mid-range grandstand (Sat + Sun) = €558
  • Mid-range Nice hotel in central for 3 nights = €225 (per person/double or twin share)
  • Daily budget:  €100 x 3 = €300

The Average Joe - Explained

The Average Joe buys a low to mid-range Grandstand ticket for the weekend, stays in a 3-star hotel or apartment, buys food and drink trackside, and can afford a reasonably priced restaurant meal at night as well as a few drinks at the pub. Average Joe’s budget doesn’t stretch to anything more than the cheapest of the merchandise items on sale at the track.

Extravagant Eddie

  • Estimated weekend cost = €2063 ($2190 USD)
  • Thursday grandstand = €79
  • K grandstand for (Sat + Sun) = €784
  • Four-star hotel in Nice for four nights =  €600  (per person/double or twin share)
  • Daily budget: €200  x 3 = €600

The Extravagant Eddie - Explained

The Extravagant Eddie buys the most expensive Grandstand seat on offer, stays in a decent hotel and goes out to some of the city’s best restaurants and clubs. They will take taxis rather than public transport and spend up big on merchandise at the track. They may risk blowing their budget with a trip to the trackside Casino.

VIP options galore at Monaco

There is a dizzying array of premium ticket options available at Monaco. Choices range from viewing terraces in apartments, hotels and restaurants overlooking the circuit to yachts docked in the harbor. Buy in confidence from our exclusive Monaco-based partner, Gootickets.

  • Silver VIP terraces (overlooking the opening Ste Devote corner) are priced at €199 on Thursday, €440 on Saturday and €1690 for the weekend.
  • Gold VIP terraces (main straight & Ste Devote, middle floors) are priced at €750 on Saturday and €1990 for the weekend
  • Platinum VIP terraces (top floors on main straight & Ste Devote, panoramic views) are priced at €890 on Saturday and €2500 for the weekend
  • VIP Yacht packages are €500 on Thursday, €850 on Saturday and €3290 for the weekend.

Click here to read about estimated daily travel costs in Monaco. Leave a comment and tell us your money-saving tips for Monaco!

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  1. Morag says:

    Our family of four is heading to the GP from Scotland with Grandstand tickets for the Sunday. We’re arriving Saturday and taking an apartment in Nice. What time should we get to Monaco on the Sunday, ie when does the action start as we don’t want to miss anything, thanks!

    • Editor says:

      Hi Morag, if you are only going for race day, then I suggest you get up early and try to get to the track for about 9:30am. There are two support races in the morning (Porsche Supercup at 09:45 and Formula Renault 2.0 at 11:10). You will also want to soak up as much atmosphere as you can. Enjoy!

  2. Darren Norman says:

    Hi, me and a small group of friends are looking to book an average joe Monaco GP 2017 weekend from England. Any advice you can offer on who/how to book with would be greatly appreciated

  3. Paul legg says:

    We did Monte Carlo as a package in 2016. If we did it again we would do it on our own. Easyjet flies from lots of airports to Nice. Then from Nice airport to Nice town is a short taxi fare and I mean short about 2 miles, pick a hotel near the station, there are a few to chose from and I would suggest Nice Riquier station as it is small (up line and down line) so easy to get on right train. Although at Grand Prix weekend there are clear signs directing race goers to the right platform. Once at the station select the yellow touch screen ticket machine and select English, the rest is follow the on screen prompts, make sure you have a card to pay. If you use a machine with the hand scroll option then I hope your French is good. Get on the train and enjoy the ride, make sure you sit next to the window on the right hand side as the view from the journey is second to none. You will know when you get to MOnte Carlo as it is in a huge red stone lined tunnel (polished granite I think) get off the train, go through security and you come out right on the first bend after the start/finish straight. It really is easy to do.

    And viewing, we viewed from grandstand K2, expensive but the view was amazing. You could see them exit the tunnel, through the chicane, around tabac and disappear around the swimming pool chicane. Then if you were sat high you could turn around and catch a glimpse of the cars going through Beau Rivage. I would not book a package with coach transfers as Once raising is over it is a massive party, head for Slammers, it’s a free street party and the memories will live for you for ever. Don’t be put off by prices, yes you can pay a fortune if you want but as long as you are content to eat/drink as you walk amost places will do a large beer and a slice of pizza or hot dog or burger for around 10-12 euros. Hope this helps, wish I was going next year now

    • Ger says:

      This is such a great help. Thank you. Planning out first visit this May to Grand Prix on a budget ?

      • Linda says:

        Hi Ger
        Curious to hear about your Monaco GP experience! I am looking at booking tickets for 2018 coming from Western Australia!

        • Editor says:

          Hey Linda, it’s a long way from WA to Monaco. I actually used to live in Perth many years ago before moving to Europe. Let me know if you have specific questions as you plan your trip! Andy

  4. Eddie Gomez says:


    My wife and I, 25 and 23 year old fun professionals, are planning on going to the 2018 Grand Prix. We would like to get the VIP Yacht package for Saturday/Sunday, but we’re hoping to find 5 other people to split the cost with us. Could you suggest where I could find 5 other people who are willing to go? Or do you know of any service that will sell individual tickets for the Yacht?


    Yacht VIP Package- (Sat-Sun)
    Spend the F1 weekend on board a luxury tri-deck yacht and watch Saturday and Sunday’s entire repertoire of Porsche Supercup, Renault 3.5 and Formula 1 Races from the harbour! 

    Thank you!!

  5. Sheila says:

    Hi i hope to attend f1 monaco 2018 , i have booked my flights, & a 5 day cruise, so we arrive in monte carlo race day morning at 8am , i was woundering if anyone have any tips on a terrce vip viewing for the race thats under £800 pp as all that i have seen is very expensive, i would do grandstand but it might be to long day in the sun/rain, as this a surprise gift for my husband 60th , i have booked everything independently so far

  6. Eddie Gomez we need to connect…

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