Budget Planner – 2017 Malaysia Grand Prix

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Use our Budget Planner to estimate the cost of your F1 weekend at the Malaysia Grand Prix. The next race is on September 29 – October 1, 2017.

Malaysia offers some of the cheapest F1 tickets on the current calendar and Kuala Lumpur is an affordable city by global standards with excellent cuisine, hotels and shopping. Local prices have increased a little in recent years, notably for race tickets and the fast train from the airport/circuit to the city, yet the Malaysia Grand Prix remains extremely cheap when compared to other F1 races. International fans also benefit from recent weakness in the value of the local currency; the Malaysian ringgit (MYR) has fallen around 10-15% against major currencies in the past 2 years.

All photos © F1Destinations.com. The Editor attended the 2015 Malaysia Grand Prix at Sepang. Average costs are per person based on a stay of 3 nights in Kuala Lumpur with race ticket, accommodation, train to the circuit and spending money. The prices do not include air travel (or other travel costs) required to reach Malaysia.

Cheap Charlie

  • Weekend cost approx 839 MYR ($189 USD)

  • 3-day covered C2 Hillstand ticket = 114 MYR
  • Budget hotel in KL for 3 nights  (double/twin share) = 225 MYR per person
  • 3-day KLIA express train ticket (to get to Sepang and back each day) = 200 MYR
  • Daily budget =  100 MYR x 3

Cheap Charlie - Explained

The Cheap Charlie stays in a hostel, buys the cheapest weekend ticket (General Admission),  takes their own food and drink to the race, doesn’t drink alcohol trackside and either makes their own food away from the track or eats at budget restaurants such as McDonalds. If possible, the Cheap Charlie will look to eliminate the cost of accommodation altogether and either stay with friends or couchsurf.

Average Joe

  • Weekend cost approx 1938 MYR ($438 USD)

  • 3-day Main Grandstand ticket  = 613 MYR
  • Mid-range hotel in KL for 3 nights (double/twin share) = 525 MYR per person
  • 3-day KLIA express train ticket = 200 MYR
  • Daily budget = 200 MYR x 3

Average Joe - Explained

The Average Joe buys a low to mid-range Grandstand ticket for the weekend, stays in a 3-star hotel or apartment, buys food and drink trackside, and can afford a reasonably priced restaurant meal at night as well as a few drinks at the pub. Average Joe’s budget doesn’t stretch to anything more than the cheapest of the merchandise items on sale at the track.

Extravagant Eddie

  • Weekend cost approx 4185 MYR ($946 USD)

  • 3-day Team Tribune ticket = 1335 MYR
  • Five-star hotel in KL for 3 nights (double/twin share) = 1200 MYR per person
  • Daily return taxi to Sepang: 150 MYR x 3 = 450 MYR
  • Daily budget = 400 MYR x 3

Extravagant Eddie - Explained

The Extravagant Eddie buys the most expensive Grandstand seat on offer, stays in a decent hotel and goes out to some of the city’s best restaurants and clubs. They will take taxis rather than public transport and spend up big on merchandise at the track. They may risk blowing their budget with a trip to the trackside Casino.

Click here for a breakdown of the average daily tourist costs in Kuala Lumpur. How much did you spend on your weekend at the Malaysia Grand Prix? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Mike says:


    Do you know who will be the main act at the 2017 MALAYSIAN F1 GP after race concert?

  2. Tony says:

    Hi. A group of us are planning to go on the Friday only. We can only see 3 day tickets available to purchase. Is Free Friday on again this year, and does that mean we don’t need to buy a ticket at all?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Tony, Free Friday refers to the fact that you can sit in any grandstand you want. But you still need to purchase a ticket to enter the circuit. There are no single day tickets, so you will need to buy the cheapest 3-day ticket. This is the K2 hillstand, which costs around 90 MYR. That’s only $20 USD, so still a cheap day out!

  3. ed24f1 says:

    If I have a grandstand ticket can I still visit the hill areas on Saturday for FP3? Or can I only visit them on Friday when they are all unrestricted.

  4. Jayne says:

    Hi, we have tickets for Grandstand F. However my husband has walking difficulties, and we are concerned how from this Grandstand is from the entrance. Do you have any advice. We have tried to upgrade the tickets for the disabled area, but don’t know if thats possible.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Jayne, you can take an internal shuttle bus from the main entrance around to grandstand F, more details in Trackside. I would consider buying tickets for the Main Grandstand as well. Don’t forget you can sit anywhere you want on Friday.

  5. Larry says:

    Can we by a 3 day pass at the gate and if so is this a good idea?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Larry, I’m 99% sure you will be able to buy your tickets at the gate. The event is unlikely to sell out. You can also buy tickets downtown: for sure at the KLCC shopping center basement level (below the Petronas Twin Towers). I chose to buy my own tickets online and print at home

  6. Simon says:

    where are the bars located at the F1 GP Circuit and what beer is for sale?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Simon, you can get beer at various locations around the track. For example, in the mall area near the main grandstand, in the welcome centre near the main entrance, plus behind K1 and F grandstands. I’m guessing it will be Heineken only available, as they sponsor F1 since last year. Not sure of the price yet, but this weekend in Singapore it’s $14, so it’s not going to be cheap.

  7. hisyam says:

    hi, do you have any ideas on how much the team merchandise will be priced at the weekend? This will be my first time to be here at the GP. I need to plan my budget so I can buy something to bring back home as it is a very rare for me to buy these merchandises at the store.

  8. Ravinder Singh says:


    Will there be any shuttle bus service from Nilai Komuter Station to F1 circuit on all 3 days.


  9. oun huoy lin says:

    still Msia’s F1 tickets s good bargain.

  10. oun huoy lin says:

    for that price i should hv gone to d Sepang circuit tht weeknd.
    Instead i wasted my days at d Pavillion Shoppin Centre.

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