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Your detailed guide on buying tickets and where to watch the action at the Red Bull Ring for the 2017 Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix (Formula 1 Grosser Preis Von Österreich) in Spielberg on July 7-9.

The Editor attended the 2015 Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring. All images ©

This year will mark the fourth year since the Austrian Grand Prix returned to the F1 calendar. After a sell out crowd for its return in 2014,  spectator numbers have fallen significantly since then, necessitating the removal of several grandstands from the ticket offer. Although this impacts the atmosphere, you can also see it as a positive; the roads into and out of the circuit are less congested and there are no queues for the toilets! The Red Bull Ring is an excellent F1 venue with top notch organization and a beautiful location in the Austrian countryside.

Ticket prices are reduced by 20% until December 31, 2016. We recommend buying your tickets from our exclusive partner, Gootickets.

Unlike other F1 venues, the choice of tickets at the Red Bull Ring is pretty straightforward; there are just three grandstands to choose from, plus General Admission. Price remain pretty much unchanged from last year, ranging from a very reasonable €95 (before discount) for the excellent 3-day General Admission tickets up to €495 for the best pit-straight seats and the South West grandstand. The organizers also introduced “three-corner grandstand hopping” tickets last year, where you get to sit in a different grandstand each day of the event.

2017 Austrian Grand Prix Tickets (3 Days)

Grandstand (Section)Discount
to Dec 31, 2016
Regular Price
General Admission (Roaming)-20%€95
Start-Finish (D-N)-20%€495
Start-Finish (A-C, O-Q)-20%€395
South West-20%€495
Red Bull (A)-20%€495
Red Bull (B)-20%€395
Red Bull (C-E)-20%€350
Red Bull (F-I)-20%€295
Red Bull (J-K)-20%€195
3 Corner Platinum*-20%€450
3 Corner Gold*-20%€395
3 Corner Silver*-20%€295

Changes for 2017

  • FREE entry for children born in 2003 or after , but you must reserve such tickets and children need to be accompanied by a parent/guardian with a valid ticket
  • The poor ticket sales last year mean that the organizers are NOT offering tickets for sale this year in the permanent Nord grandstand at the top of the circuit. We don’t know if this grandstand will be open to General Admission ticket holders or utilized in some other way.
  • The area between turns 4-5 is now an open area. This is where the Mitte grandstand was previously located (until 2015) and last year was a family area.
  • The tickets offer in the largest Red Bull grandstand has been simplified for 2017. There is no longer any price difference between high and low seats in each section (higher rows are better!)

Need to know

  • All grandstands have numbered seats for all three days of the event (Friday to Sunday). There is no ‘Free Friday’ where you can sit in any grandstand.
  • Sunday-only tickets are available, but the discount is only about 10% on 3-day tickets.
  • There’s a wheelchair section in the Start-Finish Grandstand with 3-day tickets priced at €95 before discounts (same price applies to companion). Disabled fans get a 50% discount on all other tickets.
  • All Grandstands and General Admission areas have access to big screen TVs.
  • The main Start-Finish Grandstand and the Nord grandstands are covered, permanent structures. The other grandstands are temporary and uncovered. There is limited shelter in General Admission areas.

3-Corner Grandstand Hopping Tickets

Introduced last year, the 3-corner tickets have been expanded for 2017 with the introduction of a new ‘Platinum’ option. A good choice for someone who has never been to the Red Bull Ring and wants to experience the view from different parts of the circuit over the weekend.

  • Platinum (€450):
    • Friday = Red Bull (H)
    • Saturday = Red Bull (A)
    • Sunday = Start-Finish
  • Gold (€395):
    • Friday = Start-Finish
    • Saturday = Red Bull (H)
    • Sunday = Red Bull (A)
  • Silver (€295) :
    • Friday = Red Bull (A)
    • Saturday = Start-Finish
    • Sunday = Red Bull (H)

Grandstand Start-Finish

There are two categories of tickets in the large, permanent Start-Finish grandstand, which was built ahead of the return race in 2014. The more expensive seats in the middle of the grandstand with better views of the pits (sections D, E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L, M, N) are priced at €495 for 3 days, while the cheaper sections either side (A, B, C, O, P, Q) are priced at €395 for 3 days. Some higher seats give you panoramic views over the circuit. A good choice for pits action and the start/finish of the race. If you want to see more on-track action, choose Red Bull or Sud West. Click here for a video of the view from the Start-Finish grandstand.

Grandstand Süd-West (South West)

Tickets in this grandstand are the equal most expensive at the Red Bull Ring for good reason. If you are willing to spend €495 for 3 days (before discount), you’ll have an excellent view of the opening corner plus unrivaled panoramic views of the circuit over large sections of the circuit. The grandstand (like Red Bull) is also close to the Fan Zone, where all the best catering can be found, plus merchandise, concerts and the F1 Legends Parade display. On the downside, the grandstand is uncovered and open to the elements. Click here to check out the views from the South West grandstand.

Grandstand Red Bull

This large grandstand is situated between turns 1-2, with decent panoramic views over much of the circuit. Tickets are priced from €195-495. The most expensive seats are in sections A and B closest to turn 1; tickets then get progressively cheaper up to section K, which is a long way up the hill towards turn 2. From the middle sections, you also get a decent view of the infield turns 4-5 (see images below.)

General Admission

The General Admission areas at the Red Bull Ring offer some excellent viewing opportunities. The areas on the hill at the top of the circuit provide panoramic views of large sections of the track, and there were multiple big screen TVs on which to follow the action (a rarity for General Admission). Be sure to check out the views from Turn 2, where you can see the cars up close at the top of the hill. There’s also good views on the outside of the entry to Turn 3. Closer to the start/finish straight, there is also excellent viewing on the entry to turn 8 (check our YouTube video) where you can really see the cars on the limit. The outside of  the final corner (turn 9) is also a great place to watch the action.

General Admission views (between turn 2-3)

General Admission views (turn 9)

Grandstand Nord (North)

Tickets are not being sold for the Nord grandstand in 2017. This is a covered, permanent grandstand at the top of the circuit, overlooking turn 3. Unfortunately, it’s set back quite a distance from the circuit and you don’t get to see much more than turn 3, unlike other grandstands which offer panoramic views, such as Sud West or Red Bull. It’s also a 30-40 minute walk from the main Fan Zone near turn 1.


There’s no longer a grandstand or restricted family area in the middle (mitte) of the circuit, so this area should be open to all ticketholders for 2017. The grass area between turns 4 and 5 – close to the track but raised above the catch fencing – is a good place for amateur photographers to practice their panning shots (see a couple of our attempts below.) Check out the view in our YouTube video.

Been to the Red Bull Ring? Leave a comment below and tell us your favorite place to watch the action. 

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Tickets – 2017 Austrian Grand Prix at the Red Bull Ring

Your detailed guide on buying tickets and where to watch the action at the Red Bull Ring for the 2017 Austrian Formula 1 Grand Prix in Spielberg on July 7-9.

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  1. Marijan says:

    Can I go with the green ticket in the family section and yellow sector?

    • Editor says:

      Hi, I am not 100% sure, so I have asked my contacts at the circuit. If you have a green ticket (General Admission), you should be able to get into the Yellow zone no problem, but not the Blue zone. And I guess entrance to the family area will be restricted to those who have children.

  2. Pablo says:

    Can I purchase general admission tickets on site on sunday?

    Im travelling from mexico and Id love to attend, but Im not sure if Im gonna be able to make it on time.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Pablo, this should be fine as the race hasn’t been a sell out in recent years. But you should still try and buy ahead of time when your trip is confirmed!

  3. Eric says:

    Can you still go into the yellow zone with a green ticket this year?

    • Editor says:

      Hi Eric, cannot confirm if you can get into all areas of the Yellow zone, but most should be open to Green (General Admission) ticket holders. This is also the main way to get to the F1 village area.

  4. Tammy says:

    What is the best way to get from Graz to the race without renting a car? We have tickets for all 3 days.

  5. Stefan says:

    About “We don’t know if this grandstand will be open to General Admission ticket holders or utilized in some other way.”
    -> I wrote to

    -> Tribune Nord is not open to use for general admission ticket holders or others, most probably not even the grassy section directly in front of the tribune (was open at Moto GP race…). It is not guaranteed whether there will be a TV screen at the Rauch corner,as tribune Nord is closed.

    This quite disappointing, it would be no cost to open tribune and TV screen has anyhow to be placed there for Moto GP race one month later.

    • Editor says:

      Thanks a lot Stefan for finding out this information. It is disappointing, but the reality is that the fans have not been supporting the event and attendances for F1 at the Red Bull Ring have been falling steadily. Hopefully the new owners can help turn this around soon!

      • Stefan says:

        Low attendance is no excuse. Two security guys for grandstand nord cost 3days*12hours*20€ (securely estimated)=720€ that is no big expense when you have in mind what Red Bull is paying for the race (millions…). Even if my calculation is a bit clumsy, opening the grandstand nord would result in no more cost than some 1000 Euros.
        -> I think closing grandstand nord means cutting costs at a wrong uneffective spot and just leaves the track owners with disappointed visitors, who can not use this awesome spot to watch the race and instead have to accept the restricted views right next to it up the hill. And disappointed visitors will not come back.

  6. James king says:

    I’ve got tickets for the Austrian gp in the red bull stand l to p can i watch from other parts of the track the same as general admisson

    • Editor says:

      The Red Bull grandstand is located in the so called Blue Zone, but you should be able to watch from the Yellow Zone (e.g final corner, Mitte) and Green Zone (general admission at the top of the circuit).

  7. Ivan says:

    Hello, i have one question, can you confirm GA ticket holeder can go on nord grandstand?

  8. IreneDan says:

    Hi, we’re attending the race with a 11yr old & a 2 1/2 yr old. We have general admission tickets. Do we need noise blocking earmuffs for toddler.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Irene, F1 is not particularly loud these days, your toddler should be fine. But some of the support races will be loud (plus there will be Le Mans cars in action for the Legends Parade this year), so it’s still a good idea to take some along in case.

  9. Frank D says:

    Hi, I have tickets for Redbull GS L,M,N,O,P but this is not shown on the map (only goes from A to K)?

    is there any other action on the circuit before or after the race that is worth viewing? e.g. what would be a good time to arrive at the track?


    • Editor says:

      Hi Frank, are you sure your tickets are in the Red Bull grandstand? I think you may have tickets to the Start-Finish grandstand, as this has sections L,M,N,O,P. There’s lots of other on-track action, including Formula 2, GP3, Porsche Supercup and the Legends Parade. This year, the Legends Parade features some ex-F1 and endurance drivers behind the wheel of some awesome Le Mans cars. Check the Trackside section of our guide for the full schedule.

  10. Igal yosef says:

    Hi Can I buy 3 day ticket ( general admission) on Friday ?Can you confirm that with this 3 day ticket I can bring another person for Friday?
    Is it closer parking and cashier to buy the ticket near the general admission area ?( north side)


    • Editor says:

      Hi Igal, yes you can purchase a ticket at the gate on Friday (and you can bring another person on Friday if you purchase a 3-day ticket). There is a ticket office near the gate behind the Nord grandstand, close to the main general admission area and parking.

  11. Igal yosef says:

    I mean to buy the ticket on track . and to bring another guy on Friday for free

    • Editor says:

      Shouldn’t be a problem to buy tickets at the gate. And yes, you can bring a friend on Friday (but you need to purchase a 3-day ticket for yourself)

  12. Cedric says:

    Hi, can you conform that Red Bull stand tickets holder (Blue Zone) are allowed in the yellow and green zone’s? With kind regards.

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